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  1. I really appreciate your help Mark, and thank you. Persistence paid off and it does indeed seem to be working. Much obliged, Jock.
  2. Hi Mark. Initially I had saved the file to C:WINDOWS and it didn't work. However, after re-reading your instructions, I saved the file again, but this time to: C:WINDOWS\system32 and ran it again and got the following results. nslookup www.pcpitstop.com internic.net pcpitstop.com internic.net deadlab.lcs.mit.edu Unknown host For some reason, the IP Address for Amazon shows up as an unknown host and the IP Address which shows up on your example as:reeducation-labor.lcs.mit.edu shows up on my results as : deadlab.lcs.mit.edu If I enter nslook www.amazon.com I get > www.amazon.com yet when I enter: nslook I get unknown host . Doing the same again only leaving out the www. nslook amazon.com I get amazon.com and similarly when I enter nslook I get 210-11.amazon.com Something's obviously happening, but the results are somewhat different from yours.
  3. I did Mark. When I clicked on the setup, all it gives me is the option to Run the program, and as soon as I click okay, it seems as if it gets installed but there's no option given for me to choose where to install it to. I've looked in C:/windows and can't find any reference to it there, so that will explain why I get the message that it is not a known internal or external command when I try to run it from CMD in XP. I did incidentally find XP's own version: Nslookup and have run that instead which gives different results to those you've shown in your post. Here's what happens when I enter the 4 addresses individually that you listed in your post. Note: Server: SE587WLANdsl.tiscali.co.uk is my Internet Provider and Address: is the IP address of my Modem Router. nslookup www.pcpitstop.com Server: SE587WLANdsl.tiscali.co.uk Address: Non-authoritative answer: Name: www.pcpitstop.com.co.uk Addresses:, my comments > (notice above how .co.uk has been added after .com) It does this with all the DNS names, and the Addresses result is the same for all, except for nslookup Similarly below, when I enter another 1of the DNS names, the same thing happens. nslookup internic.net Server: SE587WLANdsl.tiscali.co.uk Address: Non-authoritative answer: Name: internic.net.co.uk Addresses:, However, if I this time enter: nslookup I get the following, which is quite different from what you listed in your post. Server: SE587WLANdsl.tiscali.co.uk Address: Name: deadlab.lcs.mit.edu Address: When I enter: nslookup for amazon.com I get the following. Server: SE587WLANdsl.tiscali.co.uk Address: *** SE587WLANdsl.tiscali.co.uk can't find Server failed Finally, if I enter all 4 simultaneously, here's what happens. nslookup www.pcpitstop.com internic.net Usage: nslookup [-opt ...] # interactive mode using default server nslookup [-opt ...] - server # interactive mode using 'server' nslookup [-opt ...] host # just look up 'host' using default server nslookup [-opt ...] host server # just look up 'host' using 'server' I use a modem router to connect to the internet, could the incorrect results I'm getting be anything to do with that? Regards, Jock.
  4. I can't get nslook to work. You mention XP has its own version or similar feature. Please could you tell us: What is it called? How to we access it? and could you give an example of what we would type in? thanks, Jock (new user)
  5. I also downloaded the routine and ran it from Command Promp, and the response I received was: 'nslook' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. What have I done wrong?
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