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  1. :hiya: Aloha PORTHOS! Just wanted to thank you again, and believe me....those disks will be mounted in a "break glass in case of emergency," box. Install went without a hitch, I even got connectivity!!! This was such a blessing! I think my desktop is jealous...... If there should be any issue with the video, I'll be sure to contact you. I know you were concerned about that. Everything is okay though! Aloha & Mahalo! Pueo_girl
  2. Aloha PORTHOS, Got the care package!!! Finished the install and I am actually posting this from the "new" laptop I just got. Thank you sooooo much for coming to the rescue and jumping in on this thread. You gave me such a great gift! All my aloha to you! Thank you to everyone who have shared their knowledge and help with me. I appreciate everyone who has given their time and also taken the time to read this thread. I can honestly say that this situation has been resolved. Mahalo, Pueo_girl
  3. Aloha PORTHOS, Not yet.....I hope it's sitting in the mailbox when I get home. I know this is weird, but it sorta feels like Christmas. Can't wait to get the package and tear it open. I will definitely let you know for sure. Mahalo, Pueo_girl
  4. Just a post to ensure this situation is being handled by PM right now. Will post to give progress. ALOHA!
  5. PORTHOS, I do have a flash drive. In preparation for the install, I had gone to the Dell website and downloaded the drivers for this model. What is the next step you'd have me follow at this point? Pueo_girl
  6. Hi law, Don't get me wrong, I understand what PORTHOS was trying to say (now). It felt more like an accusation than it did valuable info. I apologized for my reaction and as I mentioned before I didn't want to go about this fix the wrong way. Please....he made his point very clear in the end and even proceeded to "make this better." He was and is very gracious for even wanting to help this situation still. I appreciate that!
  7. Hi terry! I don't doubt that he's a great guy, I just didn't like the words he used. It did offend me a bit, being that I tried very hard to do this the right way. I don't mean to offend here either. Sorry!
  8. Aloha PORTHOS & terry! Like I said I don't mean to be so hot-headed about it but for someone throw out the term "illegal", after all I've done is just plain mean. I can understand not wanting to advertise "free disks" and such but I did make every effort to obtain the original disks as well as search online to try and buy them. Really, I don't want to infringe on anyone's "legal" copy. you gotta remember this is coming from an already frustrated individual that had tried everything to recover the lappy. I do appreciate the explanation PORTHOS, and would love to do this a prope
  9. Thanks for that.....I don't necessarily feel good about doing things like that. If you read through some of the posts for this thread, there was a shout out if anyone could help and send the disks. I had been waiting for the disks from the original owner to no avail and didn't know what else to do. Geez, I got so much help and support from the few that responded to this thread and here you are making me feel like crap! I would suggest you read through the thread thoroughly and know that I am a pretty up and up person. I tried all other avenues, even calling Dell to get help okay!!!!!
  10. Aloha All! Completed the install last night. Couldn't use the lappy's product key during install, had to use the product key from the lender. Aside from that, it went pretty smoothly and now need to establish some connectivity. Thanks all for the wonderful support and assistance throughout this ordeal. Glad I didn't take it in anywhere to "get fixed." Couldn't have done it without the guidance. You guys are awesome!! If there is anything else I encounter I will be sure to log on and ask for the help!!! Have a great weekend and Aloha to all! Pueo_girl
  11. Hi terry! Thanks for that! Believe me I'll have my fingers and toes crossed! Mahalo, Pueo_girl
  12. Hi stormy! Thanks for the reply! I'll start attacking this beast tonite. Should I have any questions, I'll be sure to log on and ask. Will let you all know how it goes! Mahalo, Pueo_girl
  13. Hey Everybody!!!! Pueo_girl is back from the dead! Got a disk for XP Pro SP1 Corporate Edition (thank you very much). Downloaded the appropriate drivers from Dell website and ready to rock n' roll baby! Just let me know how we go about putting this beast down! FYI, missed you guys! I'll be waiting! Aloha, Pueo_girl
  14. Hey stormy! Pleeeeeze don't jinx me! LOL! In case it is one of those "epic" threads, at least I know I'll have some very understanding people helping me out! BTW, I may be channeling slickchick.....lol!
  15. Aloha All! Hey terry, thanks for the shout out on the disks! Much mahalo to anyone that might respond. As far as the product key goes....it's there on the laptop so no prob on getting that. Thanks to mouse for letting me know the what and where regarding that cd key. You guys are great! Thanks for all the kokua (ko-coo-ah) and support. BTW, "kokua" means help. All this kokua from everyone is a perfect example of the "Aloha spirit", it resides in everyone. You don't need to be in Hawaii or Hawaiian to have it. Just a little Hawaiian lesson for the day. Hope you all had a grea
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