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  1. perfect, i shall give it a go, thanks a bunch, I'll give it a go and get back to you
  2. thanks, just want to clarify this should work even though its not a NEW HD?
  3. yea, and tried in safe mode as well. same result every time. i googled winlogon.exe and it says it should be in the windows directory, which is on my other HD. its just baffling tbh. there are 2 folders in my E drive (the 1 i want to format) that are internet explorer and xerox. it appears it is something to do with these two files. note the lower case i and e... it seems a bit fishy... any help much appreciated.
  4. hey there, I have 2 hard drives in my machine; and im trying to format the second one, that doesn't have windows on it. when i go into management through xp, the "format drive" option is grayed and so i cant select it. when using Paragon Hd manager, it tells me it needs exclusive access to E drive, and the only program stopping it from continuing is winlogon.exe I cannot stop this process from task manager as it says its a critical process. what can i do???
  5. awesome I've just done that. its the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT part of the registry yea?
  6. sorry to sound thick, and to hijack the thread, but that is all double dutch to me could you tell me what i can do to mine to boost my PC performance at all, if needed I'll start a new thread and give details of my machine Thanks
  7. Awesome thanks, I've done that, I'm assuming that will mean that all new installs will go by default to the 2nd HD yeah?
  8. Basically I have 2 Hard drives, and i want all my program files on 1, and just windows and my documents on the other. How do i go about doing this, is there a program that will look through and move things safely including the registry entries? Thanks
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