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  1. I thought win7 did it automatically? and i ment i fixed the post, not my scores.
  2. Sorry about that i just noticed i didnt even ask a question. I fixed it thanks again.
  3. That doesnt answer my question, though thank you for the information, I also read under normal conditions current ssds have enough reads/write cycles to last roughly 30 years... then there is trim which helps with this too collecting junk making sure the ssd is clean.
  4. So i got a single Mushikin Chronos Deluxe 240 Gig SSD http://www.newegg.co...N82E16820226226 this things tears it up, I dont even get to watch windows load anymore but it seems like benchmarks are all over the place. Atto however is very consistant,. here are some pics of the scores. My question is, why does Atto read the true speed and crystal mark and AS SSD are reading like in the 240ish region, Atto clearing reads 500 - 550ish This is the weird one, crystal mark also registers low writes too.
  5. ya you should build your own. also that way you are puitting premium parts in. my home built computers using brand parts have pretty much stood the test of time. minus usual maintenance. dont forget to buy some arctic silver 5 thermal grease for your cpu or you will be melting your cpu you will get much better performance from that setup....
  6. well i just picked up a Vizio vw32 inch hdtv lcd for my bedroom and i was thinking about hookin my comp up to it. just figured id be better off with a third GPU if im gunna game in HD. then again maybe im ok now i picked it up at sears for just under 500 with a warranty
  7. I own a visiontek 4870 x2 im thinking about getting a 4870 1gig. not sure which yet. is it really worth it? what is the difference between tri and simply another 4870 X2?
  8. Thanks miggs and Flew apreciate it. sorry i musta missed the thumbnail part. reading it now i see that. how do you want me to do this?
  9. i really cant redo it. im back in vista and im not going through the hassles of re installing everything. i would like to resize it. could you please tell me how. its perfectly good. i dont wanna waste it cause its too big. i can just make it smaller. worse comes to worse ill bail out and take 0's cause this has been more trouble than its worth. up to you guys.
  10. probably they were refering to quadfire setup. ie 4 cards 2 bridges
  11. I wish we were doing 3dmark vantage scores. my card would be smokin
  12. You sound like a kid. (mommy ill stop when he does!) on the real miggs im done. Keep ur nose out my buisness, brandons a big boy thanks! last i checked nobody was twisting your arm to defend brandons honor. i think your over extending yourself. you should worry more about you than brandon. also dont sit and call me the stupid percent. who are you? i read everything you really need some social skills And im forever ending this. I edited it cause i realised im just encouraging more outbursts from him. I can control my temper. cant say the same for him.
  13. Wt heck is your problem miggs you got a problem? why are you talking trash to me? get a life dude. all i been gettin is hate from you. stop being a troll I always take advice. el kido taught me how to set my ram. flewpast has given me loads of advice. i been coming here for more than a few years. i just keep misplacing my names and they get deleted. Stop trying to talk down on me bro you sound stupid when you do.
  14. Honestly i havent read much on the gtx 280 but since i got this build up and runnin i been through the mill with ati drivers. you really dont understand how many wasted nights of adjusting my computer. to find the next morning i gott a uninstall and use dc pro and start from scratch i actually finally said F it and switched back to Vista ulimate 64 and wam no problems ati drivers are solid in vista. in xp the only driver i could get working fuinctionally was 8.8 everything else either failed to install or never enabled the second gpu even in benchmarks. on a side note i attribute my problems w
  15. thanks for the heads up i changed the descripts woot!
  16. Try single stick of ram? i read that single gets double the results as Dual? or you already are?
  17. guess you musta missed the part where he made a mockery of my first post. he shouldnt be picking on me. im a friendly guy. but i dont need people laughing at me.
  18. Im going to Ignore brandons comment. he never has anything good to say about anybody. first dont start an argument. second driver issues is whats holdings cards like 4870 X2 back. When i first got my card only 1 gpu on it worked. (Due to drivers). ATI's driovers have been 100x more sensitive than any nvidia driver I have ever used. and this is my probably 10th computer. Why would you even argue that?
  19. Ya use ATI is cheaper and alittle better. not driver wise. but ati is getting there.
  20. Nvm I decided to keep the same. No voltage changes. here it is Catalyst 8.8 drivers Asus Maximus 2 Formula P45 Q9550 @ 35701MHz 4870X2 @ 750/900 DDR2 PC6400 / 5-5-5-15 1055 mhz AquaMark3 -210,647 - 69,514 http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=778305 http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a320/Tal...uamarkextra.jpg Pcpitstop - 5,709 / 1,850 - 68,508 / 22,200 http://pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid...;report=Summary 3dmark01 -70915 - 70915 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=9424261 3dmark05 -24,389 - 73,167 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=4
  21. Nvm Im gunna crank this rig up some more ill get all new scores today.
  22. I ment that SSD's will cause Regular hardrives to go down in price. Id gio with the smaller chip. better power consumption
  23. sjhweet as for the IDE drive keep one thing in mind. Your computer is only as fast as its slowest component! and it isnt a lie! but i wouldnt worry about it. your in luck Solid state hardrives are around the technology corner. You can pick up 80 gig jhardrives for pennys or in a few months probably even cheaper! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822136195 if you get 2 of those and put them in a raid array. they will go as fast as the 200 dollar a peice WD raptors
  24. Death sent me a PM Called me a jerk or something. but ya brandon your responce is basically the same i gave him. some people need to grow up. he is probably running a library computer. cut him some slack guys. not everyone can have there own computer!
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