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  1. i have ff3 have you updated to ff 3.0.1 ? and also do you should check if you have the adobe flash player plug in for flash games
  2. well heres the story.... i restarted my computer about 4 times and then one the 5th time i restarted my computer showed no desktop and taskbar..i tried writing explorer.exe in taskbar but it only popped up for 3 seconds. i kept restarting but samething i went in safe mode and its the samething!! so i fixed it temporarily by doing system restore but if i restart it, it will do the samething!!. This happened to me before and i fixed it by restoring back and changing apps that start up but im not sure if its going to work this time.scared to restart computer. i have windows xp sp2 and is about 4
  3. i did a search in system32(where the infected files were and they seem to be deleted) thanks!!
  4. just one more question you know the infected files were those important? if you dont remember i posted a comment and you can look at my first hijackthis log. plz were they important to the computer what do they do?
  5. dr. webb is not on add/remove how do i remove it completely now?
  6. is there any other software that can delete those software and there saved files r logs or odd text.
  7. will it also clean all the txt files and reports and everything? that like hijackthis and combofix and dr.web saved?
  8. this is the dr. web report ComboFix.exe\327882R2FWJFW\List-C.bat;C:\Documents and Settings\baljot\Desktop\ComboFix.exe;Probably BATCH.Virus;; ComboFix.exe\327882R2FWJFW\psexec.cfexe;C:\Documents and Settings\baljot\Desktop\ComboFix.exe;Program.PsExec.171;; ComboFix.exe;C:\Documents and Settings\baljot\Desktop;Archive contains infected objects;Moved.; A0171858.bat;C:\System Volume Information\_restore{243927E6-CDF9-4390-B1C1-E51ECC45A88D}\RP703;Probably BATCH.Virus;Incurable.Deleted.; A0171907.bat;C:\System Volume Information\_restore{243927E6-CDF9-4390-B1C1-E51ECC45A88D}\RP703;Probab
  9. its taking forever!!!!ill paste it here as soon as i get it don't you worry!!thanks for the help and the concern! oh yea and the only thing it found so far is combofix as a riskware and suspicious application
  10. here are the results...for the otmoveit .. File/Folder not found. File/Folder CODEC:\WINDOWS\System32\__c00B5BFF.dat not found. File/Folder C:\WINDOWS\System32\9B09F35911.dll not found. < Purity > OTMoveIt2 by OldTimer - Version log created on 08232008_171921
  11. c:\windows\system32\__c00B5BFF.dat is the one with the most infections , c:\windows\system32\__c00F6107.dat is another one, c:\DOCUME~1\baljot\LOCALS~1\Temp\Av-test.txt which is an eicar test file. and there was a app which was detected by nod32 as an hackav.aj also anothr one which is a win32/trojandownloader.agent.fakealert.gg or something
  12. but i think the files are still in the system32 folder can i manually delete them?? are those files ok to delete is it important to the computer?
  13. well its running at an ok speed like usual even when i was infected maybe faster. but when i look at nod32 i still see the files in quarantine
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