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    Compaq Presario M2105 CA, AMD Sempron 2800 + 1.59 GHz, 1 GB memory, ATI Integrated Graphics XPRESS 200, 40 GB HD, Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP-3.
  1. Frank -- want to say thank you for you post your message and had the same problem as I had. Hope that the team of PCPitstop will notice and start to correct the problem with Optimize program. Thank you, John
  2. Will let you know when I will run the Disk MD again. Hope that is not the case with long defragging again. Thank you, John
  3. Hello I ran the program of Disk Md for the first time yesterday and it took forever especially with one hard drive which I have the main one is 40 GB and the second is 20 GB. I let them ran through the night till in the middle of this morning to complete the defragmenting. Wow it took so long. Any reason for this. Hope that will not happen the same again that I am planning to have Disk MD running on Saturday nights to run weekly. Or it should be shorter next time to defragment the hard drives not like the first time. Thank you, John
  4. Mark Just want to say thank you about this and finally got a clean test result after moved the slider to 1%. I am curious to know what will happen with System Restore only have 1% in it. I am sure that will not harm my computer? Thank you, John
  5. First of all want to say thank you for your time to reply and finally got it going with skipping the Disk Health scan. And I will defrag the hard drive shortly in Windows defragger. Thank you, John
  6. After ran through PC Pitstop OverDrive twice this evening and got a message twice about System Restore. I am not sure what your program was trying to tell me about System Restore? Anyway here is what I got the message below for you to tell me what to do with this System Restore? Drive C:\ Capacity 38146 MB System Restore Capacity 1075 MB (3%) Operating System Windows XP Pro SP-3 That is my laptop, Compaq Presario M2105CA, AMD Sempron 2800+1.59 GHz, 896 MB of Ram. Now I believe that I have to move the slider to less MB of System Restore Capacity but will wait for anyone who think that I should move back a little more to less MB in System Restore Capacity. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, John
  7. Hello I am back again and did not work as you mentioned in your message. Here is what happen with the program which I ran through till the last one -- Drive Health with second line " Drive Health Scan Progress " and the scan was completed 100% then the message popped up on the screen. And here is below: Internet Explorer Internet Explorer has encountered a problem with an add-on and need to close. The following add-on was running when there is a problem occurred: Add-on Name: pcpitstop.dll Company Name: P.C.Pitstop LLC Description: PCPitstop ActiveX Learn more about add-ons Advanced Continue --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Internet Explorer Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost. For more information about this error. Click here Debug Close ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now my question is that the program ran through till the last part of scanning till the program stopped because of an error. Is there anything can be fixed then I can run again. There's no point to ran this till the error fixed. One more thing I did ran through the PCPitstop Optimize 1.5 to see if any errors related to this program. I don't think that they find the error to be correct. Thank you, John
  8. Hey and wonder if that will work in Windows XP SP-3?? Smile, John
  9. Hi everyone here in this forum. I am new here and need your help that I can be able to run the test after solve the problem on my computer. The problem is that PCPitStop.dll was not in the system and how do I get one dill file then be able to run the test on my computer? I did ran before with no problem but this time I tried 4 times this morning and no go to test my computer. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, John
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