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  1. Hi All, Steve from Sprout here. We are trying to determine what the common thread among your problems is. We have done extensive testing on nearly all browsers and systems. That said, sometimes things slip through the cracks. There are a few issues we think may be at play here. Among those having problems, who is using Vista in 64-bit mode? Do you have hacks in place to use 32-bit flash through a 64-bit browser? (If you don't know, then you aren't.) Are you using Adblock? Are you using EasyList? We are thinking that the separating issue is 64-bit as we have tested Firefox 3, IE7 and Vista thoroughly. Any information you can provide will assist us in fixing this problem as soon as possible. Thanks, Steve, Intern at Sprout EDIT Do you know if there was a specific sprout that was crashing your browsers? Perhaps one with an RSS feed in it? The only Sprout we could find on PCPitStop.com is: http://seed.sproutbuilder.com/XgCBkymFB85z0dTm
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