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  1. Thank you guys for your time, I honestly appriciate it. I should have stated in the beginning that i am a total noob when it comes to computers and that i know very little. I couldnt tell you the difference between malware, spyware, trojans, or viruses. I tried several of the free downloads that were posted and the update to the java, and it was all blocked by either my ISP or by windows. My internet is provided through the local Iraqi people, I've got two providers to chose from, and i chose the one that everyone hands down said was the faster of the two. How do i hook it up you ask? Well, i have a yellow wire or a grey wire comming through the window of my trailer. There is no customer service, and no help line for me to call. We have been briefed that most of what we do on the internet is being watched by and filterd through the locals. I'm just a guy trying to communicate with his wife without having my computer crash on me before the end of the deployment. Again, i thank you for your help, I guess i'll figure it out eventually.
  2. yes, i did accept the agreement, and i followed up on one of the above post about the regional restrictions. I appriciate everyones patience with helping me. I just finished installing AdwareAlert, and it found 3756 parasites. Is this all of the protection i will need, or does this just work on certain strains? (I hope this is it because i spent $58) if not, i will get an additional program. Again, i appriciate the help
  3. I am trying to download the java, but i keep getting this... "your download transaction cannot be approved-contact customer service" I select windows platform and the only language option is - Multi Language.
  4. thanks, i have ben messing around with tweakhound, i'll check out blackviper
  5. http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=20889972
  6. mayb i am not so swift but i cant find where to post the results at, or exactly what to post. I copied the link, is that enough?
  7. finaly, test complete! I have to go read on how to post my results real quick.
  8. just an idea of how bad the connection is here, i keep getting timed out. After i click on the key, it tells me to stop so the test can load "it should only take a few seconds, or two minutes on a slow dial-up..." yeah, i keep getting timed out, haha
  9. Title pretty much sums it up. I also want to turn off and remove all of the unnecessary programs that i will never use. I am running windows vista (32-bit) I will be using this laptop mostly for: browsing the web yahoo messenger watching movies I need to trun off all of the junk that automatically starts. As for why i am doing this.. I am currently deployed to iraq for the third time, and the internet here is SLOW. I need every bit of help that i can get to speed up the process. It took 134 minutes to download yahoo messenger. I have used Ad Ware SE in the past and had good results. It was simple and seemed to work relativly well. I am not computer savy, but i did go through and make minor changes that were suggested by tweakhound.
  10. I have recently decided to start working with computers as a hobbie. Unfortunately i am deployed to iraq for my third tour and unable to fully pursue my learning. I purchased a new HP elite desktop before i left, and just purchased a new hp laptop that should be here in a couple of weeks. I look forward to getting helpful advise from everyone. Oh, and to justify my posting in here, i could not find a welcome/new member introduction thread. So an easily accessable one would be much appriciated it. Thanks.
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