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    XC Cube constructed 2005 running XP Pro. 80gb HD. CDRW and external HD via USB. Sorry don't know what else to say
  1. It OK, problem solved. I did a load of research on the web and in my Registry and finally found a site that suggested I run.... regsvr32 /i shell32 This worked for me, Phew ! Now I feel much more comfortable. Thanks for your time.
  2. Hi Phill, No you've missed the point... I don't have a problem setting it as the default, but because I have changed what it does when it tries to use the "Open" option I need to Edit that, and the Edit... option on that panel is not available. I have had a careful look around at some of the other Extensions and it is noticeable that the Edit... option is not available on some of the others, and in all those cases the "Change Icon" is also protected. Where "Change Icon" <b>is</b> allowed then so is the Edit... For some reason the options in "File Folder" are now protected. In the meantime I'm using Search from the Start button whenever I want to open a specific file but, hopefully, that is only a temporary solution.
  3. Hi... yes, I had already tried going back a couple of days, but it said that no changes had occurred so that there was nothing to restore. But thanks anyway.
  4. Well what seemed like a good idea has now, unfortunately, screwed up my system. I applied these changes last night and all seemed ok. When I right-clicked there was the new option immediately below the default of Open. Today when I double-clicked on a folder the Windows Search came up instead ! Right-clicking showed that find was now the default option ! Strange. Like a fool I found another Open option in the Folder file type, selected Edit, and copied the link from there which was something like Run32... something...dll.... blah blah and ended with a /i and put it in the File Folder list. That, of course now tries to open the folder as an internet link. BUT.... my problem is that now I can't change anything ! There is no Edit or Remove option available. Help !..... I have brought work home with me that I need to do tonight (UK Time) and I can't use my machine.....
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