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  1. Joe C, Thanks for your reply. Got me to my files. Pity you didn't see this some time ago as this would have solved my problem right from the start. Thanks again....
  2. I recovered the data using the totally free Recuva - copied it onto another drive. Problem I now have is the 'lost files' are still on my c drive. When I click on the drive to delete it I get the following message "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\iTunes is not accessible. Access is denied." So therefore I am unable to delete them - they total 9Gb. Anyone have any idea how I proceed to remove them from my drive. Thanks. ps the Recuva utility has a delete all option but this does not appear to work.
  3. I've tried a few times to download Ubuntu but connection always fails. Is there any utility to check your hard drive and advise which files are there?
  4. The directory lost was the total of our tunes. My son has them on his iPod but unfortunately (for me) he deletes all my 'oldtimer' tunes on the iPod. So what we can get from the iPod is good for him but not for me! I think I'll try Ubuntu and see where that gets me. It looks as though the files have fallen into some sort of black hole - they aren't shown by any of the data recovery utilities, the disk space they occupy is still shown as being used when I check the properties of the drive but they don't show in Windows Explorer.
  5. Hopefully somebody else can provide some assistance as System Restore is turned off.
  6. Thanks Mark but all advanced options were checked.
  7. I moved a directory (and all its sub-directories and contents) using Windows Explorer (XP) and when it was moved all sub-directories and contents were not there. I moved my iTunes directory (with all the sub-directories and MP3 files contained therein) to a random directory in my shared area just to see if iTunes was able to find it. I clicked and dragged it in Windows Explorer and when I dropped it in its new spot all sub-directories (and MP3 files) were not there. There was no box showing the data being moved. There was no 'Undo' available. When I click on the iTunes directory I get a 'not accessible - access is denied' message. In retrospect I think the total contents of the iTunes directory was greater than the available space on the disk. This may be a factor in the problem. Whilst I cannot find the sub-directories and their contents, the used data on the disk has not been reduced. I have tried a couple of data recovery utilities but they do not find the data. It has been a while since this data was backed up (of course!!) Any help would be appreciated.
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