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  1. It works now, looks like it just either needed a restart or I had to have the TV on first before the PC. That and selecting ATI HDMI Output in audio playback devices. KMPlayer allows me to run both speaker sets simultaneously but are out of sync, making an echo effect. Besides that I don't see any other way to make them play together. I wonder if it'll perform differently with a 7.1 setup. Anyway it was worth a shot, I must stick with the computer speakers for the subwoofer. Thanks for the help.
  2. Just finished it and still nothing. Noticed that in display the LG TV is labeled as using a DVI connection, though that's probably because of the converter. There's also no configuration for sound in the settings. I'm seeing people with the same problem are saying that you just have to select the HDMI in your mixer properties (playback devices), I do see a "ATI HDMI Output - High Def Audio Device" option but it shows as not plugged in. A lot of people said that is the fix. They also say startup priority can play a role, like making the connection after startup, leave TV on while PC boots, etc, etc. I'll try that tomorrow morning but so far things still look grim.
  3. I found that DVI to HDMI converter you mentioned, although it may have belonged to a 4870 it should still be the same. So came home with the HDMI cable, got the converter in and still no sound from the TV! Augh, I want this to work so badly but it never works. Why is it so hard to get audio from the PC onto the HDTV. Am I missing something?
  4. Sup! I'm having difficulty with something that sounds easy but is actually turning out to be tricky. I have an LG LE8500 hooked via HDMI/DVI and a Xonar D2X. I've tried using a 3.5mm plug to stereo RCA but no dice. Could it be that the tv is expecting sound va HDMI only? Also my card is only a 4890 so it does not have an HDMI port itself. Do you guys know if there's any way to get this to work? My PC speakers are fine but it'd just be much nicer to have the TV's speakers playing as well.
  5. Sup! I'm downloading this 720p rip of Fist of Legend in parts via rapidshare, but I realized all the files are this .html format. I have no idea how to extract it, nor could I find any google help whatsoever on this particular situation. :/
  6. Damn those are some sweet speakers. By the way I've made my decision on the Klipsch HD Theater 300 for $399 US, if anyones heard of it. There's another version that has a subwoofer that's 2.5 inches bigger, for like $200 more. Crazy, right? PS: If anyone can help me find where they sell this & ship internationally.. I can't find it anywhere. There's a couple 500's here and there but I need the 300. I'm currently asking some guy on Ebay right now. T_T
  7. I think I've settled on the Onkyo HT-SR700 or SR800, what do you think? Isn't 7.1 a little extreme for a PC desk? I might be able to get a long desk but the speakers will only have a diagonal postion at best. Do I even need the receiver though? My sound card is a Xonar D2X. Before when I was going for the Z-5500's people said that because the DBAC's on the Xonar was so much better, just use analog. I'm assuming that now I'm getting a good receiver, that I should use optical now. Hmm, I hope I can find a place that ships to Canada.
  8. Besides the Z-5500, people are saying it's not exactly the best quality wise and it's probably aging by now. I want to stretch my budget a bit wider to say $400? That way I can get something considerablely better, but I haven't the faintest idea of which sets stand out. Any recommendations would be great. The only thing that caught my eye was the Creative Megaworks 550 THX.
  9. I'm hearing people saying that they can't run some current games that only mention support for 32-bit and not 64, and then a fair amount saying that it runs perfectly fine. What's the deal here? That's a pretty nasty thing for 64 bit owners, one of the games I plan on getting is Red Alert 3 too! What's the real truth here, why are there many people who can and can't play 32-bit games on 64. Is it something they're doing or does it depend on the game itself. What does it mean when a game says it only supports 32-bit?
  10. Thanks a lot! Hey guys.. judging from the specs you've seen, would liquid cooling be overkill. I defiantly don't plan to overclock but I'm curious if it actually helps the system overall. Noise reduction is also a big plus. The case I'm getting also supports extra space for liquid cooling so that's not a problem, also I'll get it done professionally.. hopefully. But again I already have the Xigmatek in addition to the many fans the V2110 case already has. T_T Well I already have my power supply, the 650HX. But you know if all this hardware ends up eating a lot of that juice I might try to get a bigger one soon just for stability, if I'm right about that. But man I'm really thinking of switching my Q6600 for the Q9450, that's something I might seriously do. The thing is I already bought it online.. so maybe I can get a refund, tell them to give me that 9450 instead and just pay the difference. Hey it's wishful thinking! I'll try it anyway, lol.
  11. Hey sorry to bring this topic back up but I'd like to ask a very basic question, lol. Well I'm building my computer up from scratch for the first time, buying every part I need right? Do I need an ethernet card or network card in order to have internet access or does this kind of thing already come on board with the motherboard. Sorry if this question is silly. xD PS: Btw I've changed my motherboard to the Asus P5Q Deluxe. I was also thinking of changing my HD's cause' they only have a 16MB cache compared to ones with 32, however I hear tests were done and there's little to no difference. 8D
  12. I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions on my build! This is my final build after a long time and I'm currently buying the parts, after I got everything I'm gonna get a friend to put it all together. My budget on this came up to about $2000, so as you can see I don't mind going for a beastly PC. xD My only concern is making sure it's all compatible. G.SKILL 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 PC2 8500 Dual Channel Ram Intel Core 2 Quad Core Q6600 Processor ATi Radeon HD4870 (512mb) Video Card ASUS Xonar D2 Sound Card Corsair 620HX 620W Power Supply Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R Intel P45 Motherboard Two Western Digital Caviar WD6400AAKS's (2x 640GB HD) Lian Li PC-V2110 Case Samsung SH-S203B Black CD-Drive Xigmatek HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle HSF Windows Vista Premium 64x
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