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  1. Sorry about that. I'm running Vista Ultimate. I tried the normal CPU client and the normal console client.Not the GPU or SMP
  2. I tried installing both the graphical client and the console yesterday and got the same error both times.Something about corrupted Cab file and a string of letters and numbers.It offered try again or cancel.Either way way no install.Any ideas?
  3. Agree Mouse. Maybe someplace like Arizona. Can we leave tommorrow?
  4. My hats off to you Brandon. It's been quite awhile since I was in boot camp,but I believe those nose to nose conversations with your DI are still the norm. Good Luck
  5. I was stationed in Germany(Wiesbaden) many moons ago and unless things have changed dramatically,travel by rail.The trains go everwhere.If the train you want says it departs at 14:01(2:01) and you get there at 14:03 it's gone.Very dependable.Also they used to have Europass,which lets you buy a ticket for different amounts of travel.Since your budget is limited,you should check it out.
  6. Well I really don't remember. I used to watch "Screensavers" and read PC World magazine.Either way "The Pit" was mentioned and I came to run a test.Saw the link to the forum,which was quite different back then,was introduced to [email protected]'t know squat about computers.Now I know enough to be dangerous.
  7. A probe may be needed to cure that sore back chop.
  8. Look here I have the X2 4400 and am very satisfied.
  9. I've used it for several years and no problems.
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