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  1. to tell you the truth I have not had any problems with this card, but I would like to get into a little more gaming (light 3D kinda stuff) and possibly run 2 monitors. I think my setup as it is now is not too bad, (athough I wouldn't mind seeing an improvment).
  2. I'm looking to spend betwwen $150-200 on video and I'll probably get the drives for christmas (hint to santa lol)
  3. My score I need a new video card, I am still floundering between a 9600pro or an fx5200 (maybe a ti4200). I am also considering a raid0 setup. Please give me some pointers on what kind of performance I can expect to see for cached/uncached speeds for an entry level raid setup. I am planning on using wd 40gigers 8meg 7200rpm drives (if I can afford raptors i'll get those ) Any advice will be helpful, my goal is to get this machine up to 1500+ in the pit Thanks, NeatNate
  4. Copying another poster... 2 wd Raptors in a raid setup, with a 100+gigger for storage Either that or a 9800pro
  5. looks good to me (although I'm not great with hijack logs) No the immediate threat should be gone, its just a matter of cleaning up. lol Radio beat me to it
  6. I'd turn off system restore... Right click on the my computer Icon, select properties, click on the system restore tab and put a check next to turn off sysyem restore.
  7. Try what Volt said. This is your culprit right here...C:\PROGRA~1\COMETS~1\DM\bin\dmserver.exe See if you can remove it using start/control panel/add or remove programs If not find the location of dmserver.exe and delete it.
  8. I'm not sure what the deal is with that registry key. One more thing to see what is going on...run a hijack this report, and after it scans copy and paste the log into your post. Hijack this link...
  9. Your test looks pretty good, try running a spybot scan and see what it says...
  10. Jacee has yet another great suggestion! Click on the link she put up to spyware s/d. Install it update it and run it. Keep your head up Kim you'll get through this I'll check back in a few...
  11. TO run tests go to the pc pitstop home page, and in the find the link to test my pc, run the full tests and post them here Heres how...
  12. I believe so Truthfully I'm not sure how to procede from here...I would start with running the tests here in the pit, and go from there...
  13. Here is some info... I'm not too familiar with pc-cillin's firewall. Can you set up individual programs internet priveleges? Good luck, I'll keep looking around for info to help out!! Also might want to post a test ***edit***
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