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  1. Apple contact page Is this what you want?? Here is another form *Edit*
  2. Heres the First Premier site 1st premier homepage. I cannot find an email addy for anything except applying for a job. Maybe someone else can take a look and see if I missed it
  3. I tried one of the email links and sent out an eamil, all they replied with was a security and privacy policy of whatever company I emailed....If they get 100's and thousands of emails a day from the anti spyware brigade (and our brothers(and sisters) in arms around the net) they might have to do something about it.
  4. Hey Rob, The list looks good, I went through quite a few links and didn't find any problems...I'll keep on looking over the next couple of visits to the pit. Can you post a hint on what the secret weapon is?? Anyways I'm looking forward to fighting the good fight!!!!! I'm gonna count to 10 and then I'm gonna shoot!!!
  5. Volt you really took one for the team I want to help kill the gator, tell us how!!! Die gator die!!!!!
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