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  1. Shogan, I mentioned that it's a "problem" and understand that it's only a problem to anyone with a daily download allowance. I had forgotten that I ran into this with PC Pitstop's Exterminate. I believe Exterminate downloaded newer definitions each time you ran it. I don't know how many out there have satellite but it would be nice to be able to set the download time period manually for those of us saddled with this thing. It's a pain but I've no other option. I just thought I'd warn anyone else who might be searching for where they're losing a ton of download capability. :-) Tha
  2. Another issue with PCMatic RT is that I think it automatically downloads definition updates. It took me a while to try and figure out where 130mb of download was coming from each afternoon between 4-5PM Eastern time. I'm, unfortunately, on HughesNet satellite with 375 mb daily download allowance and that 130mb or so was really bothering me. I finally realized that started about the time I upgraded PCMatic to include the RT feature. I've disabled the RT feature and the afternoon downloads have stopped. I read through this forum and didn't see anyone else mention the problem so thought I'd
  3. Thanks but not necessary. I've had it longer than that and did buy it with a coupon discount so it wasn't painful at all. I probably haven't used it like I should but even so I don't remember the definition updates being that large in the beginning. Something that should be resolved somehow in my opinion. I simply can't download that large a file that often to keep the software current. Besides, Exterminate has never found a serious problem which is the way I want it. Shows I'm taking some safeguards to keep the computer clean. Thanks for the replies. Bud
  4. This is crazy and may be in part my fault for not running it every day but something is not right. It's been 13 days since I ran Exterminate and again the definitions, update only, are 114062K. That's 114 meg for definition updates? Thank God I'm no longer on dial-up but even HughesNet makes this download difficult. It's 1/3 my daily download quota. What the heck is going on? This shouldn't be. Bud
  5. Am I reading this correctly that when I run Exterminate 2.0 and check Definitons Update only, it's a 102 meg download??? 102902K is what I'm seeing. Problem is that on the Fair Access Policy of Hughesnet I've only got 300 meg a day and the definitions download is 1/3 of that?? Why such a large file for an update? Bud
  6. That worked and thank you. You guys are going to have to make things easier for us Firefox users though. Bud
  7. Anyone else having problems buying a PC Pitstop product at 50% off after completing a survey that came via e-mail? All I'm getting after the survey completion is the PC Pitstop Store and the regular pricing not the 50% discount as promised. Just curious. I think this same thing happened after I did another survey months ago and I didn't bother to follow up on it. Now it's time. Bud
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