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  1. I agree, spybot isn't very good at removing any tough spyware;.
  2. I've yet to see ad-aware or spybot remove anything but spyware cookies. Doesn't remove any of the big boys.
  3. I've tried 4 or 5 different builds that webroot has sent me, it still slows my start-up , shutdown and cpu usage is high. I finally gave up and got http://www.superantispyware.com/ great program so far. I got the Pro version. It's free to try, no slowdowns at all .
  4. I hate to disagree, I think SS is junk now, slows up your machine, takes longer to shutdown and boot up. Uses way to much memory, keeps your cpu working. I've used the program for 4 years, last year it started, I've had numberous links sent to me from webroot. I finally took the program off my machine. I'm a happy Ewido user, no slowdowns, faster scans, as good or better detection.
  5. I use to recommend AVG, but in the last year I heard so many complaints from people that used it and had a virus after doing on-line scans.. I think AVG is one of the worst if not the worst AV there is.. I would advise anyone using AVG to do a on-line scan to make sure there clean.. The free only updates once a day, but can be made to check hourly if you want..
  6. http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,1907102,00.asp Here's the link faith
  7. Days after the revelation of a flaw in Windows' handling of WMF graphics files, dozens of exploits are being spread from thousands of adware sites. But good protection is available. At the same time, further testing confirms that a workaround issued by third parties and endorsed by Microsoft Corp. is effective in most regards, and in the most important circumstances, but not in all. Also, the workaround has side effects that could prove troublesome. AV-Test, which tests anti-malware products, has been tracking the situation closely and has, so far, analyzed 73 variants of malicious WMF files. Products from the following companies have identified all 73: * Alwil Software (Avast) * Softwin (BitDefender) * ClamAV * F-Secure Inc. * Fortinet Inc. * McAfee Inc. * ESET (Nod32) * Panda Software * Sophos Plc * Symantec Corp. * Trend Micro Inc. * VirusBuster These products detected fewer variants: * 62 — eTrust-VET * 62 — QuickHeal * 61 — AntiVir * 61 — Dr Web * 61 — Kaspersky * 60 — AVG * 19 — Command * 19 — F-Prot * 11 — Ewido * 7 — eSafe * 7 — eTrust-INO * 6 — Ikarus * 6 — VBA32 * 0 — Norman
  8. I have Nod32 and Bitdefender 9 stardard, I use Bitdefender to protect my machine and Nod32 as my on demand scanner. I like Bitdefender a little better, but like the 11 min scan with Nod, the other takes 40 min.
  9. Here is there forum along with the newer settings. http://www.wilderssecurity.com/index.php
  10. I like Nod 32 & Bitdefender 9.0 standard, these 2 also did the best in the latest tests. AVG as always did the worst, couldn't complete the tests and crashed. It might be pretty but can't detect nothing..http://www.av-comparatives.org/ Hit on line results, then go down and look at the summarized t ables..
  11. This does a decent jog at protecting your machine, just as good as spy sweeper..http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/s...re/default.mspx
  12. I'm not fighting with spy-bot anymore, I found this to take it's place.. Seems to work good, it's beta though.. Spy Defense
  13. That's because your clean, that's the object.. I just cleaned up a friends machine using spy-bot , ad-aware and Ewido.. They all found something different, that's why you need layered protection, I added spywareblaster to his machine. He is one happy camper There is nothing wrong with false positives as long as it also catches the bad guys and you check before you get rid of anything.
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