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  1. no dice on the battery... i pulled it for 10 min and verified voltage... batterys good. it does seem like i'm not getting any power out from the 15pin D conector
  2. i'll pull the battery out now.
  3. i cant get into the bios because i don't get any video out, unless there's a way to disable it via the motherboard.
  4. I'll give it a try... i'll pull one out of my other computer and see if it works.
  5. forgot to mention i pulled the power supply and installed another one, it still didn't work. i've had the computer sitting there for a few months, and i cant think of much else to do with it.
  6. the monitor is working... the monitor works with another pc... when i boot up the pc, there are no beeps or any other indication there's a problem. What i've done is remove the ram, disconnect the hard drive, tried a pci video card as the one it's using on the motherboard... i'm starting to think it's a motherboard problem... do you all know where to get quality parts? i thought it could a boot up problem but i'm starting to second guess that idea.
  7. the model number is an a705w hp pavilion... i don't have any more info on the thing. sorry it took so long for me to respond i reformatted my laptop.
  8. I’m having problems with the video out on my computer. I can't figure out why when i turn the computer on it does not display anything; the LCD light remains amber and never goes green. I've tried disconnecting everything from the mother board and i also purchased a PCI video card and still nothing... any suggestions?
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