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    AMD 4050e dual core @ 2400Mhz, AMD 780G/SB700 mobo, 2GB dual core memory, Franklin CDU680 aircard/SprintPCS Net access, LG DVD RW, Floppy, NEC 17 inch LCD digital monitor, WinXP Pro SP2.
  1. Interesting.....the 78.312Mb/s and 95.325Mb/s speeds you report are, in my view, astounding!! My Roadrunner account, Turbo with Powerboost, gets me up to 22Mb/s down and 1.95Mb/s up. Download speeds vary quite a bit depending on the capability of the particular server, but seldom do I ever see less than 10Mb/s down. Upload speeds are very consistent at 1.9Mb/s. Early on, when my RR account was newly established, I did see several download speeds in excess of 45Mb/s, but I think RR hadn't yet applied the throttle to my account and it was flying.
  2. FWIW: On occasion, for some unknown reason, system restore points are absent from the restore menu. In that case I have run with some success: boot/F8, "Last good configuration that worked".
  3. I tried W7 RC1 32 bit and had no difficulties outside of a minor problem with one of my favorite applications. I have ordered W7 Pro and I intend to clean-install the 64 bit version to a new SSD, then install and run my favorite apps in XP Mode. For those who constantly belly-ache about Microsoft I suggest they invest in an Apple or get cozy with a version of Linux. Microsoft must be doing something right or 90% of the PCs in the world would be using something else.
  4. The system is running beyond the advertised max of 22Mb/s, 41Mb/s with some servers. I did readjust the TCP window size to 518144 just for the helluvit; so, I'll heed your advice and leave it alone....TNX.
  5. Roger that, Bruce. I was more concerned with the TCP window size and whether or not it should be set, as some recommend, to an even multiple of the MSS.
  6. According to Optimize 3.0 the TCP window size for my system should be 572320. According to some other networking gurus the TCP window size should be a multiple of the MSS. With MTU=1500 MSS=1472; 572320 is 388.8 times the MSS. I am no networking expert by a long shot; I just wonder what gives. Who is correct? ....and does the value really matter? (I found the MSS by running a ping -f -l 1473/1472 to several sites. )
  7. ....good to know. I'm about to embark upon Ubuntu Linux 8.10 when it becomes available in a couple of weeks and Win4Lin 5 so I can run Windows applications. I do have an AMD X2 CPU, so the tip will help.
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