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  1. Cutloop, I am looking at my Outlook 2007 - and under "more settings/general" tab I do not see a check box to include this account when sending and receiving or synchronizing. In send and receive settings all of my accounts are included in send and in receive. The check box by "my server requires authentication" is checked and they are all using the same settings as the incoming mail server. Thanks for the response, though, but I need some other ideas.
  2. I am running outlook 2007 on 2 different computers - my desktop running Vista Ultimate SP1 and my laptop running XP SP3. Just before I went on the road last week I backed up and transfered all my Outlook .pst files to my laptop and restored them (using ABF's Outlook backup). Everything tranfered correctly, but my laptop will not send. It recieves fine - on all 4 accounts (hotmail, 2 gmail, and my business IP) - but will not send on any of them. When I write a message, it goes into the outbox, outlook says the send/receive has completed, but the message just sits there. There is no error messages or anything. I have deleted my hotmail and gmail accounts and reentered them - no change. When I test the account settings in outlook, I get green checks on both connect and send test message. My POP3 gmail account does not actually receive the test message, but my IMAP gmail account does! I am completely stumped. Outlook will send an automated email message, but not one that I type through the same account with the same settings! Help!
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