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  1. Post #68 was a reply to the posts #65,#64 and #63. Just want to clear things up!
  2. Just stick with what works for you.
  3. That's Brandon wearing a wig!!! LOL j/k
  4. Either that or you're not getting any when she's back! =)
  5. Tell her she needs a vacation. You'll have plenty of time to re-paint the house.
  6. What you got there it's her ugly twin. I got the real deal.
  7. Man. have a great one. Xmas
  8. That's very nice of your Boss. Take him fishing now. Congrats on the baby.
  9. It's Ok. I still trying to understand why someone would say something so stupid (IMHO) like this "has described the Holocaust as "a myth" and suggested that Israel be moved to Europe, the United States, Canada or Alaska." I hope he is not being serious. It just sounds stupid to me.
  10. Is there another way to apply these boot screens without the use of APP's?
  11. Is there a Demo available?
  12. After decades of its movie debut on theaters Scarface still kicks major butt and has become an icon. Now we can experience that in a total different level with this game. Awesome.
  13. And why does this cross bothers them so much I wonder!?
  14. AWwwwwwwww you are SOoooo bad Who made it thou?
  15. I use this little program HERE It has tons of useful features. :beer:
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