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  1. Italian chicks are the bomb, plus the enjoy the game.
  2. Rooney and Ronaldinho are probably the ugliest S.O.B's on this WC.
  3. Yup, they have to admit, they' are the most annoying ever. Fifa told the press that on this WC all referees are prepared to deal with that kind of violence towards the strikers, most European clubs were reluctant to release it's top players to represent their countries if Fifa didn't pay enough attention on this issue. I just hope defenders go easy on their hunt. A beautiful game it's what we want to watch.
  4. Which national team would you want to win if your own loses? I would like Holland to win, IMO they're the best national team to never have lift the World Cup trophy.
  5. Yup. I wasn't ruling him out, he is indeed very talented.
  6. Although the Brazilian coach said he'd give Ronaldinho free roaming on the field, it's unlikely that he will do the things he's been doing on Barcelona, remember he's a midfielder, and by having Ronaldo, Adriano and kaka on the team Ronaldinho will be pretty busy serving those guys, after all he's the best playmaker they have.
  7. I guess we should stick to the topic guys, this 'my sport is better then yours' kind of thing wont get us no where. If you wanna talk about the World Cup please do so , otherwise keep the useless comments out. Back on topic. Who do you think will be the Top Scorer on this WC? Here's my list; 1.Adriano 2.Henry 3.Owen Not necessary on this order, but I had do add more then one, there's lots of talented players this year.
  8. Nice List OS, but you're being very optimist adding Germany, Mexico and Spain as group winners, these teams are lucky to get past the first stage, with Spain being the best of the three (today) , there are some pretty good opponents ahead of them.
  9. The US NT is improving with every competition, I wouldn't be surprised if they get the second place on their group, who knows they might as well beat Italy and get the first place, football it's a very unpredictable sport, it rakes one mistake from the opponent team to lose the match. US have some fast players and if they manage to get Donovan a clean pass, he's got a good chance to score. Remember, the US usually tends to give these almighty nations (Brazil, Germany etc...) a run for their money.
  10. They might be the hosts for 2014 World Cup, it all depends on them!!!
  11. The reason these so called 'weak teams' are ranked so high is because of the way FIFA is rewarding these teams, even if you play and lose against a bigger and better team you'd still get points for it, it's complicated and makes no sense at all, IMHO it can't be trusted! Now about the German team, it would be a miracle for them to qualify for the Q F's, even playing at home their squad this year is one of the worst in history. I have to admit there's some talented players in it, like Ballack, but the whole squad is young and not experienced enough. England, they probably have the
  12. pr0teus

    Penguin Flu

    @xXenXx: The reason I think both were running at the same time is because I typed KDE on the command window wile in Gnome, then KDE launched it's task bar, icons and everything on top of Gnome. The Monitor was crowed with stuff. I find KDE to be easy on the eye so I've tried to close Gnome but for some reason I couldn't, I loged out and rebooted with KDE only.I'm new at this, that's why I had the impression both desktops were running at the same time. @ Neo: I've tried that bud, but it wasn't listed on Yast, tried all kinds of combinations like; WMP, WAV, Media player, windows media, w
  13. pr0teus

    Penguin Flu

    My install was about 3.4Gb, I'm deleting some stuff now and keeping KDE only. xXenXx what is the diff between these Desktops other the visual? I mean there's a better one then the other? One more question, To watch WMV streams on websites do I need to install something in special? The reason I am asking is because I can't watch them for some reason.
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