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  1. I keep coming up with more questions as I play around with the settings: 1.If I understand right defragging the drive is part of "Disk Optimization" since it has the option of skipping the defrag in the drop down box under the "Options" menu, but if you go to "Schedule New Event" and setup a scan schedule you are not given the choice to skip the defrag like you are under "Options" in the main menu. It doesn't seem to make a difference if the defrag box is unchecked because after completing the scan schedule you can mouse over "Info" and it shows "Full defrag". Why isn't there a "Skip Defr
  2. One last question should I decide to not use Diskeeper and instead run a weekly PC Matic scan would you recommend setting Optimize to "Full" or "Partial"?
  3. Thanks for the info! I don't know if I necessarily prefer Diskeeper over PC Matic defrag because I'm not computer literate enough to know which is a better program but you would think since Diskeeper senses when the drive needs dragged and does so automatically it would be better than defragging once a week with PC matic but hey what do I know. I forgot to mention about adding Chkdsk as a feature it would need to be able to check both boxes at the beginning of the process (like you have to do manually) and respond to PC Matic's scheduler this would be such a great addition.
  4. I believe I'll go ahead and give this a try for a year but a few more questions: 1. Do you recommend setting "Auto Fix" to On? 2. Should I even run PC Matic defrag in a scan since my Diskeeper runs automatically in the background defragging when necessary? 3. If you don't want to use defrag do you need to select "Skip Defrag" and also uncheck it under "Drives to scan" 4. What is the difference between partial and full optimization setting and is this connected to defragging the drive 5. Any chance Chkdsk could be added as a feature?
  5. I recently tried PC Matic during the trial period where you could actually use the Fix It button and while I think it did speed up a couple of my older computers I'm not sure there was much of a difference on my later ones. I'm trying to decide whether it's worthwhile to subscribe to PC Matic since I currently use Avast, SuperAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes, and Diskeeper while I know you can never have too many anti-spyware programs I probably wouldn't use PC Matic's defragger. I also try to keep my drivers updated (if I'm aware of one) plus Windows Update does update some of them and generally try
  6. Hoping not to sound too dumb but after I've extracted the files and clicked on the 32 bit folder there are 3 items listed: ScreenRecorder.msi Setup.exe WMEncoder.exe Which do I install?
  7. So my question for you is will either updated driver (Driver Alerts or Dells) work equally well with my Dell laptop?
  8. I need the updated SigmaTel driver from Dell for my E1505 so Windows will issue the SP1 (Vista Premium) to my laptop but I'm not getting much help from Dell support so I have to do it on my own. My current SigmaTel driver is (11/22/2006) while on Dell's website the only one listed for my E1505 is, A02 (1/31/2007) then also says Applies to: STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio (whatever that means). Your Driver's Alert says the updated driver it found is 6.10.5713.1 (1/09/2008). So my questions: 1. Why is there a difference in SigmaTel driver updates for my Dell E1505 be
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