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  1. The intent of this reply is to close my original post. After beneficial advice from IntelGuy about my needing a defragger that will work during the boot-time operations, I tried using Disk MD in the Safe Mode. Unfortunately Disk MD is not user-friendly in the Safe Mode, i.e., you cannot see the "commands" at the bottom of the screen, such as "next>", "results", and "finish". I researched the Microsoft KB about boot-time defragging of the MFT, etc., and researched download sites, trying several products. I found that Diskeeper would do the boot-time defragging, reducing my 743 fragments of $MFT to three on the first try. JT - Army Strong
  2. Now that Disk DM has completed about six passes, I still have "challenges": How do I delete file fragments for such files as C:\$MFT with 731 fragments (about 108 Mb) and C:\ with 153 fragments (about 43 Mb)? And four more C:\ zero byte files with average of 145 fragments each. Thanks in advance for any help or advice!
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