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  1. And with bated breath we await your announcement if the auto button helped.
  2. How about writing down the balance of an account on the most distant date in the past that you want, and then enter it in account details/opening balance. Then delete all the prior transactions. So the new "opening balance" is really the balance from 6 months ago with all subsequent transactions following. I don't think you can make transactions expire and delete by themselves. I'm still using MS Money 2002 for every penny of every kind of transaction I make (OK except for a balancing item of roughly $10 per month for stuff I miss or forget).
  3. Mine always shows when I run Task Manager. It is set to "hide when inactive". But as a test I changed the setting to "always show". As expected, it showed up when I ran Task Manager. But it disappeared when I closed Task Manager. When I checked the setting again it said "hide when inactive" again so it resets itself. I double-checked it with same result. Maybe somehow yours is always set to hide even when in use. Oh I just thought of something that might clear up the problem (or might not). Go to http://www.winguides.com/registry/display.php/1238/ and use regedit to follow the simple instructions to clear off all past items from the Tray Notification area. So that will clear off the past item icon history and might clear off your problem so that the Task manager icon shows up when expected. Worth a try. I have a little program that does the steps automatically but I forgot where I downloaded it from and I couldn't find it on a search just now.
  4. Yes it means the updates haven't been downloaded and certainly not installed properly. As jojesa said, download from a different location. And of course install and immunize.
  5. Ahhh it's nice to be using AVAST and having it update automatically and announce with a wav almost every day that it has been updated.
  6. Well my first instruction was a way of associating avi. Otherwise they have to choose which program to open it with. And if they don't have windows media player or real player then download one of them.
  7. Is "someone" anyone or a particular person? I prefer Real Player, but ayway you can easily configure Windows media Player to work for avi files. Go to tools/options/file types. Then check the box for avi files. I suspect it is already checked in your case but probably not in your friend's case. Same sort of thing for Real Player.
  8. Yes go to WinPatrol Options/ View Hosts File. I fixed my problem by deleting everything after " localhost". Then save this new hosts file without changing the name. To be safe, before doing the deleting you could do a backup of the original file by file/save as ... to save the file under a different name. :beer:
  9. I remember that happening to me before. It happened with sites that I wanted to use regularly but weren't "bad' (including this site). I solved it by removing all host files except localhost. I think the dozens, or hundreds, of hosts were put on file by IE-Spyad. So, if you remember installing and running IE_spyad recently, along with possibly other anti-spyware, that may be worth checking into.
  10. Ok I'm not an expert, just experienced. There are a lot of things that can "trigger" a virus if it is sitting there and written in a way to be triggered in certain ways. So it must be possible to trigger a virus by clicking on an image file. But if you have an anti-virus running then I wouldn't be paranoid about opening a jpg file or clicking on a jpg on a website. If you're running Outlook Express you could go to Tools/options/security and click the box to not allow attachements to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus. This would stop *.exe files and similar ones but I just checked and it allowed a jpg to get to me without prompting. Just be careful about attachements you click on. A file could be named BotticelliVenus.jpg.exe and so the file is a jpg at first glance but really it is an exe file and a program will be executed when you click on it. Good luck on your image vewing. Just use common sense, and an anti-virus program, when clicking around on websites whose reputation you could have reason to question.
  11. That depends on your settings. I have CleanUp! delete (and wipe clean) everything except Favorites and Game Scores, but I don't have to enter passwords on every site. CleanUp! will delete the cookie type of automatic logins on sites such as your Yahoo home page. But I have the advanced setting in IE checked for the box labeled "Use inline Autocomplete" which keeps suggestions for passwords loaded when you click on the login space of some sites. Good advice about using CleanUp!, but in case it scared someone off from using it because they hate having to remember many different passwords I wanted to clarify. :beer:
  12. Except for a few unprofessional mistakes: 1) We have detected a fraud complaints [bad grammar] 2) We have detected a fraud complaints from the PayPal Members.We recently [no space between sentences so poor typing skills] 3) Therefore, as a prevention measure, we have temporarely [spelling error] A reputable company wouldn't send out important letters, or any mass mailing, without running spellchecks and grammar/typing checks. That always raises a flag to me.
  13. Sygate. The link is to the free Personal version but on the same page is a link to the Pro version which you can try out for 30 days. Works great. Intuitive and easy to use for stopping bad tuff and allowing the good stuff to come in and go out. Hide the notification messages after a while so you won't keep getting bugged. You can set it to allow or block certain web addresses or blocks of addresses but that isn't quite as intuitive for the newbie.
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