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  1. Some poker programs automatically (unless you choose customized installation) install a browser addon "for convenience". I always say no to that and the programs always work. Believe me I've tested out many poker sites. You can see how many browser addons by running winpatrol and looking at the IE helpers. If you'e never looked there before you might have a lot of helpers there that really don't need to be there to allow programs to work, such as messenger programs, RealPlayer etc.. I removed all but 4 using winpatrol. I think ad-aware (or maybe it was Spybot S&D) catches Microgaming
  2. Success! Thanks to the guidance of Champion, Faith and Y. Y's mentioning Google reminded me that Google.com had not been connecting for the last 24 hours. Faith's suggestion and link took me to the solution. The solution ended up being simple ... reboot the router! So for whatever reason, rebooting my Linksys router cleaned things out so that everything connects now instead of most things and sites. Repairing the connection was one thing I had tried but apparently that was not enough. After the router reboot, SpywareBlaster updated, and Hotmail and Google connected.
  3. Which program are you calling Rogue Spyware? The issue I've been discussing in this thread is my first in several months. Everything has been working smoothly and I'm not sure yet that things are not running smoothly even now. I'm far from running to a tech to get the drive erased. I'm on the PC several hours every day. I keep everything updated very regularly. Perhaps I've become a bit bored with having no computer problems for several months so I've slowed down my visits to this forum and I may have missed some useful news. But there are indeed some good FREE programs for anti-virus, ant
  4. No. In fact I have the Windows Firewall/ Internet Connection Sharing service turned off to make sure I don't mistakenty start it running somehow. I just exited Sygate and still the same problem.
  5. I have version 3.5.1. I uninstalled it then downloaded and installed to try and make sure everything was OK. I tried allowing everything on my Sygate firewall and then tried resetting the firewall so that I had to allow everything when needed for the first time. SpywareBlaster was allowed when it needed to be but again could not connect for updating. The error says "Cannot establish a connection to download. Please check your connection and try again". After clicking OK to that it said "There was an error getting the information update file from the server. The server may be unavailable, or th
  6. For several days now I have not been able to get a connection for updating or checking for updates for SpywareBlaster. Anyone else having the same problem? My Hotmail also hasn't connected for a few days but everything else to do with MSN and every other program I have connects normally.
  7. Yes there are virus versions of svchost.exe, particularly suspect if not where they are supposed to be. But I know when I set my Sygate firewall to block "generic host for Win32 processes" svchost.exe the windows update will not work and the internet time synchronization will not work, but allowing it will let both work. I've found no problems by keeping it blocked except when I wanted to do a manual windows update or when I wanted to synchronize my clock. Whether this is the cause or not I'm happy to have pointed out this possibility for your research. :beer:
  8. Is a firewall blocking svchost.exe - Generic Host Process for Win32 Services ?
  9. Maybe a CleanUp is required. I check all the boxes except the 2nd last and 3rd last. Edit: I've never been at the right place at the right time, or noticed a new member before anyone else but here's my chance to say ...
  10. This is your boss. Keep your mind on your work instead of wondering if you have to look forward to maintaining your computer when you get home.
  11. If you set it to System Managed size the results showing at the bottom would probably be 2, 765 and 768. Mine are 2, 381 and 382 respectively after I changed back to system managed for my laptop. My desktop is quite new with customised settings so I don't mess with it with these kinds of programs while it is running like new. :beer: :beer:
  12. A standard (non-customized) recommended setting is a min/max of 1.5 times RAM. So if you have 512MB of RAM then I'd expect a recommended setting to be 768MB. Is the 765 a typo?
  13. And will your smoke alarm really go off when there is a fire in the middle of the night or will it just work when you test it deliberately?
  14. SuicideToast: Right-click My Computer. Go to Advanced, then Performance Settings. Click the box for "show window contents while dragging". It did that to mine too. It took away my mouse shadow and menu shadows too which can be put back in the relevant boxes from the area I described. Those were 3 examples of "optimizations" it did without telling me exactly what it would do in advance. This software making my page file over 4 times as big was too strange and drastic so I put it back to what it was before.
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