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  1. I wasn't sure if this belongs in the User to User help forum or the Viruses forum, but I'll start by putting this in the Viruses Forum since someone could deliberately program in the following problem which has the same sort of devastating effects that viruses etc can produce. A few days ago PartyPoker made a major upgrade to its software. Then the next day they made another upgrade with a couple of fixes. Anyone who uninstalled the first major upgrade version, whether new players who didn't like PartPoker and were not going to play again or current players who decided that they wanted to uninstall and then install the newer upgrade (instead of just updating), had a MAJOR problem. Every image file on their computer was deleted during the uninstallation. System Restore didn't help. Users would have to use a recovery program to try and get most of their image files back. This didn't happen to me, fortunately. But this made me realize that an idiotic error or deliberate sabotage in any program I try out and then uninstall could cause havoc on my computer even if I have System Restore and anti-virus and anti-spyware and firewalls and security warning software running. Is there a defense against something like this? Backup is the first defense that comes to my mind. Anything else?
  2. OK after an hour of seeing if someone will ask first, I'll ask. Which privacy scan(s)? I had to get rid of IE-spyad because I got tired of unblocking not "bad" sites that I regularly go on.
  3. How about writing down the balance of an account on the most distant date in the past that you want, and then enter it in account details/opening balance. Then delete all the prior transactions. So the new "opening balance" is really the balance from 6 months ago with all subsequent transactions following. I don't think you can make transactions expire and delete by themselves. I'm still using MS Money 2002 for every penny of every kind of transaction I make (OK except for a balancing item of roughly $10 per month for stuff I miss or forget).
  4. I had something similar on my laptop last summer. Task Manager didn't show anything obvious. When I did a defragmentation analysis and then looked at the information about large defragmented files I found a new gigantic one that was being appended for some reason although whatever program was causing it had that file set to max out at a certain amount. When I deleted that file, which was unimportant anyway (something to do with PChealth info I think) the hard drive and light went back to normal. So it was due to some sort of file dump. Good luck. :beer:
  5. These 3 are explained in Taskbar list Click on the letter N of course and scroll down to find these. I disabled them all with no problems. I use WinPatrol to look at my startup programs and disable or remove them if necessary.
  6. I have an NVIDIA GeForce2 Go with Installed Drivers nv4_disp ( - nVIDIA Detonator 44.82) I think the last time I downloaded and tried to install a new driver for it the instructions said to uninstall the current display driver first before installing the new one. That scared me into thinking I'd have a blank screen before getting the chance to install the new one. Did I have silly fears?
  7. Ok I'm not an expert, just experienced. There are a lot of things that can "trigger" a virus if it is sitting there and written in a way to be triggered in certain ways. So it must be possible to trigger a virus by clicking on an image file. But if you have an anti-virus running then I wouldn't be paranoid about opening a jpg file or clicking on a jpg on a website. If you're running Outlook Express you could go to Tools/options/security and click the box to not allow attachements to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus. This would stop *.exe files and similar ones but I just checked and it allowed a jpg to get to me without prompting. Just be careful about attachements you click on. A file could be named BotticelliVenus.jpg.exe and so the file is a jpg at first glance but really it is an exe file and a program will be executed when you click on it. Good luck on your image vewing. Just use common sense, and an anti-virus program, when clicking around on websites whose reputation you could have reason to question.
  8. I thought advertising was against the rules here so I said "sticky liquid" instead of "P E P S I".
  9. My first intuition is mouse malfunction. Have you tried resetting the functions of the mouse (accelleration etc), or resetting to defaults? Have you tried reinstalling the software? Have you tried updating its software? Logitech has updates for its products on their site, if yours is a Logitech mouse. Are you on a laptop? Did you spill a few drops of sticky liquid on your keyboard recently? I had intermittent beeping, mouse and keyboard problems for a couple of weeks after I did that. :beer:
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