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  1. my husband built this computer 3 yrs ago before he passed away. it means a lot to me to keep it up and running. system: windows XP PRO v2002 Intel® Pentium® 4CPU 2.81 CPU 1.00 GB of RAM DISK size 111.78 GB FREE SPACE 101.22 GB do i need to add anything to it ?? i use it for surfing and online games and i use PC Tools "Internet Security Pro" with Spyware Doctor,anti-virus,anti-spam,and FireWall Plus, (all built in it) BY THE WAY if anyone is looking for a security pk please ck this out i love it! i use Advanced WindowsCare V2 Pro for cleaning and IBit SmartDefrag any all recommendations will be much appriciated THANKS
  2. hi all am new to this forum and would like a little advice i am wondering if i have enough (or too much) security on my computer: PC Tools Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus_PURCHASED PC Tools ThreatFire_FREE PC Tools Firewall Plus_FREE Advanced Windows Care BETA 3_FREE (for the registry cleaner and the defragger) and Spyware Blaster any advice will be much appriciated
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