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  1. Man, what is my computers problem..... i tried to re-install my OS, and it was going fine untill it stopped, it froze like a freaking pop-cicle. The install was going fine untill it got to the point where i had to input some data, after i put in my comps name it froze. I think ill just have to live with this problem...
  2. I just want to hear all possible solutions before i act. It is an annoying problem, but its not like im losing business or anything. davelrrp, your idea sounds the best so far, ill probably just do that. But first, ill make a list of all the programs and things i want to have if something goes wrong and i have to FFR. Thanks y'all. (is a cookie a smily? ) (and what is this thing? )
  3. well, i dont have the ME disk, when i got the comp, it didnt come with one, would the "system restore" disk work, cuz i know that has win ME on it. OR, would it be possible to install xp home again OVER what i already have? Like, if i put the disk in now, and select install now from that little window that pops up. I really dont want to do a clean istall, but if i have too, ill go out aqnd buy another HDD and mave all my files i dont want to lose onto it, and FFR the other HD. hmmm...
  4. i cant seem to find that bho daemon, is that the right spelling? is it 'legal' for you to post a link?
  5. ok im not sure if i can do a reinstall, when i bought the comp, it came with windows ME, and i bought the upgrade to xp home, can i do a clean install with the upgrade disk?
  6. another good suggestion, but unfortunitly, i think i may have to just shoot my computer... i think i'll dig a big pit in my basement, drop it down in there, and scare it by constantly saying: "It puts the dust in its case" then it will work...
  7. I use kazaa lite, and run the latest ad-aware and anti virus every day, so its not like crap ware is doing it (im pretty sure) I dont know much about the intricate workings of windows, but i know the solution will be found somewhere in the fact that it works fine in safe mode with network. What is different about safe mode? drivers or something like that? Btw, im glad you guys are trying to help me.
  8. Well, i live in NC, and use Cox. My problem is my computer, not my modem, i have to restart my comp to look at webpages, but i can always use kazaa and Diablo 2 and stuff like that. Its the weirdest problem ive ever had...
  9. would installing win xp pro fix it, im almost sure it will
  10. No, just 1 host file thingy. Release/renew wont fix it, power cycling the modem wont fix it, repairing the network connection wont fix it. But what is different in safe mode with network, that it works fine there? By the way, im pretty sure the problem isnt in a start-up TSR program,my only start-up programs are AVG anitvirus and ATI contol panel.
  11. Man, i really thought that would fix it, but this problem is a toughy. I really miss my xbconnect... sob sob...
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