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  1. I am new to the forum. This is my first post. I really enjoy the free test PC-Pitstop offers. I just bought an HP, dv6505 Laptop and would like to keep it running good and keep all the gremlins out of it. I am considering purchasing the 2.0 Optimize. Have have some questions before I purchase. Does it tell me which Drivers need updating like the Pitstop does or will I need to return to the pitstop? Does it give the user the decision on weather to remove certain items? Or does it automatically remove something without asking? What all does it do? I also have a Dell demision 2400 Desktop, can I install 2.0 Optimize on the Dell also but only pay one time or would I have to pay for each computer. Also my laptop has Vista SP-1,,,and my Dell has XP-SP-3. Will this be a problem? They both are connected by a Linsys wireless router. The Laptop is wireless. Will 2.0 Optimize be of use to my wireless network? I know I've asked a lot of questions. I hope someone can answer a few of them. I do want to make this purchase. I have been using PC-Pistop for several years and have grown to trust them. Thanks for your help.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ken
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