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  1. Thanks to all The WMP graphic equalizer does not adjust for DVD's, but does so for music. cool. I've had another productive Sunday with PC Pitstop. Thanks for listening and helping out. Cheers, Tom
  2. KRAM/terry, k-lite codec packs with Windows XP worked - thanks now I have both WMP & VLC on my laptop is there any conflicts having both? ps, any hints on maximizing good quality sound? it's just that with dvd the vo;ume seems to be softer...
  3. vlc is installed and works real nice. but I am curious why the WMP doesn't and will check out your links. Thanks for your effort. If I get WMP working for DVD's I will post it here.
  4. downloaded and installed successfully, but no luck get the same pop-up window Windows Media Player 10 Microsoft -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Issue Description: This version of Windows Media Technologies is incompatible with this version of Windows. For more information, view the information at the Microsoft Web Site here: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=28004. this is strange since I have WMP11 on the laptop! so I clicked on the Web Help button that took me to Plug-ins for WMP/DVD Decoder (MPEG-2 Decoder)
  5. Hi Terry, Sorry, but I have XP Home and Windows Media Player 11. Your link was not for XP, and I can't find a correct one. Can you help? Regards, Tom
  6. One more issue on this rebuilt T41 with a R51 mobo: When trying to watch a movie, my DVD causes a popup window from Windows Media Player - WMP cannot play this DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer. Can I assume this is not a driver issue? If so, can you recommend a compatable free decoder?
  7. KRAM, I ran the speed tests on both cards and found virtually no difference. The downloads ranged between 762 to 729 The uploads ranged between 133 to 137 See no difference to me on my dsl line between the two. So I guess I will sell my Linksys card. Regarding the bios - I will save that for another day, since it's not hindering anything. Thanks again KRAM. Been a fun and productive day for me My upgraded TR451 now is running like a new machine. Best Regards, Tom
  8. Really Beautiful KRAM, what a day! thanks so much for your guidance today. Every now and then one finds a true guide. I installed this http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss...ocid=MIGR-59438 and it works just fine anybody wanna buy my Linksys Card? lol, KRAM, how can I judge which has better wireless reception: the internal card I just activated or the Linksys card? I'm thinking the Linksys card is new tech and therefore better reception? maybe??? Maybe I should keep the Linksys card for special reasons like travel? And, please guide me how to get into the bios to turn
  9. These 3 show in Everest Ultimate Edition under Network-PCI/PnP Network - Broadcom BCM4329 802.11n Wireless Network Adaptor Intel PRO/1000 MT Mobile Connection (IBM) Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B MiniPCI Adaptor (IBM) I believe the Broadcom on top is the Linksys that I am using to reach the internet. The middle one is the one I downloaded and may be useless? can be deleted or removed? So is the last one the PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 the adaptor that I need to download the driver for?
  10. Video driver with Intel graphics worked, ie, my R51 came with Intel graphics, not ATI. The PCI Modem driver said no device found. Guess this is OK since I don't use a 56K modem? Issues still in Device Manager- -Network Devices: --red X - on 1394 Net Adaptor --green - Intel® PRO/1000 MT Mobile Connection --green - Linksys Wireless-N Notebook Adaptor WPC300N -Other Devices: --yellow - Network Controller --yellow - PCI Modem KRAM, I installed the Intel PRO/1000 MT Mobile Connection but maybe this is the wrong one? I gave up trying to get this one to work and
  11. Beautiful, downloaded the audio driver as instructed by the READme file and I now have sound. Multimedia Audio Controller has gone from Device Manager Thanks now to continue with the others.... but need help please the other devices do not have exact names on the Lenovo driver site. A little help with choosing the right ones? TIA
  12. I have replaced an IBM Thinkpad T41 motherboard with a R51 motherboard. The laptop connects to the internet via a Linksys Wireless-N Notebook Adaptor because the internal card is not working. Although I have no sound. I can surf without any issues, but..... In Device Manager- -Network Devices: --red X - on 1394 Net Adaptor --green - Intel® PRO/1000 MT Mobile Connection --green - Linksys Wireless-N Notebook Adaptor WPC300N -Other Devices: --yellow - Multimedia Audio Controller --yellow - Network Controller --yellow - PCI Modem --yellow - Video Controller --yel
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