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    Intel Pentium 4 3060 mhz, video radeon x300 series, memory 1024 MB Ram. Windows xp home sp2. CDROM TSST Corps CD/DVDW TS-H552D
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  1. The scan is finished and seems to have been very successful. I had 160 infected files!!!! thats just crazy. I scan regularly with both McAfee and Ad-aware but this was insane. It was sending me all over the place. To the most inappropriate sites. I'm glad it was me and not my kids on here today. Like I said in my first post it was allowing me to write a few words and then it would flick over to another page. The more I said No to the things it was telling me to install the faster they were popping up. So thanks once again for your speedy and valuable response Debbie
  2. many thanks Juliet. I'm scanning now. It wouldn't let me do anything and it somehow disabled Ad-aware and McAfee wouldn't update and couldn't delete clean or quarantene anything? This is unbelievable so far 33 files infected. And I scanned only 2 days ago. Thanks so much
  3. Sorry I havent got time to look to see if this is already a topic as whatever it is on my pc it keeps directing me else where. Winifixer. I security. malaware. all automatically uploaded. I have Mvafee but it won't update and cant remove it. I have adaware have run a scan and removed all it said to. Tried to go to windows live to run full system scan but it wont let me install. Any ideas? How can I get rid of it. It redirects me every few words as I'm writing this so having great trouble. Any ideas greatly appreciated Debbie
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