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  1. In view of the general advice not to run 2 A/Vs at the same time, is there any problem with running M/S security Essentials alongside PC Matic and Supershield? And Given that PC Matic is important to me, do I still need Security Essentials?
  2. I have an iphone 3GS. Works beautifully and does everything I need. Takes a bit of learning to use it to its full capacity but when you do - wow!
  3. If you have any future problems with windows sizes, this is a great free program which takes care of it. http://www.jiisoft.com/iemaximizer/
  4. Seeing that you now need a good and reliable media player, try VLC. I wouldn't be without it.. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
  5. How many sticks of RAM are there in this machine? You might try pulling them out (one at a time) to see if this could be the problem.
  6. Time Now: Nov 04 2011 12:07 PM Last Visit: Today, 06:57 AM Exec. Time: 0.2286 Load: 1.19 Much better
  7. 0700 fri 4 Nov Exec time to GD 38.62
  8. Can you get IG to fix this? He always fixes my problems.
  9. I like it. Well done. Thanks.
  10. I agree with Joe - I canrt see how youre going to connect without a 3G compatible router. I use this router http://au.billion.com/product/voip/bipac7404vgpx.php which I bought specifically for use with a 3G USB modem. I actually abandoned the 3G network in favour of ADSL 2+ because the reception was so pathetic but I still use the router for VOIP calls. It is an excellent router and easy to set up.
  11. Congrats Juliet - he's right you are a little gem .
  12. I really think you need to reconsider the new Facebook title: PC Matic with Supershield - Bad Advice I did watch the commercial but anyone who reads that line and doesnt watch it, could just read the title and think PC Matic is something to avoid. When I first read that line I thought it was a complaint.
  13. I will test on my main machine which is this one.
  14. Sounds like something to do with a Lexmark printer. I think this might be a job for the HiJack this Forum.
  15. Would it not be easier to disable programs in msconfig? If the problem is a slow start surely that would be the answer. I have 5 programs only which load at start up and my machine is very quick to boot.
  16. Hi guys, this problem has now been completely solved by replacement of the Hard drive. Thanks for all the help.
  17. Thanks again guys. Shouldnt admit it but I'm a little cynical regarding disk errors in event viewer - I once went through a period of almost constant disk errors when I had Internet connection problems with my ex-isp. Never did quite understand how they related to disk errors. However that was in my old XP days. Joe I do have my own Ultimate boot disk which I have used occasionally but never for disk checking. I tried this yesterday and accessed the WD section but I was then confronted with the most amazing set of options which would be totally understandable to supergeeks like you and
  18. Thank you Bruce for a concise explanation. We're struggling with what appears to be a known issue in a popular game (Wow). We continue to get the message the Nvidia Kernel Driver has recovered from a serious error. This is following a freeze and crash out of the game. Weve tried 3 different cards 6 different Nvidia drivers and so far no change. Weve uninstalled, cleaned out the old drivers, reinstalled even tried a little prayer but nothing. Run memtest - perfect. It has been suggested that it is either an o/s problem or even a hard drive problem so we will reinstall with a differen
  19. Friend is getting a Kernel driver error under heavy graphics applications. Does the use of the word Kernel imply a problem with the o/s?
  20. Looks like youve been given the answer. You aren't logged in as Administrator. You'll probably have to access the hidden Administrator files to enable that. dont have 64bit Win 7 so I cant advise the location.
  21. Photorec & Test Disk have helped some people, might be worth giving them a try. http://download.cnet.com/TestDisk-PhotoRec/3000-2248_4-10511775.html
  22. Does the drive have its own power supply, or is it simply plugged into a usb port which provides the power?
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