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  1. Does that account for Wistaria climbing clockwise up North and anti clockwise down South?
  2. Good call Brown Hornet. Run both of those programs. I had a problem which Malwarebytes claimed it had removed but it really hadnt. Superantispyware took it out. I believe that sometimes you need to run the programs more than once. Malwarebytes is good - I was surprised it didnt work first time.
  3. Good luck with the drive. You might consider re-assessing your back up space though, one of the primary requirements of any Raid set-up is good back-up. I actually back up to 2 external drives (but then I'm a bit paranoid.)
  4. Seeing that you have a back up of the C drive why dont you also back up the other partitions and then thoroughly format all the drives and simply reinstall Raid?
  5. We had a disk shatter whilst in the drive. Frightening experiance and it shot out with machine gun like force along with bits of drive tray. It was also a M/s disk. We shipped the broken bits back to M/s and they sent us a new one - express - and with no mailing charge, complete with new key number.
  6. Thunder good luck and dont give up trying. It is not however sufficient just to get your friends on side. To be successful in your efforts you need to get your objectors on side so that they withdraw their objections. There have to be some benefits from your plans so sell these benefits harder. Think about how you can get your opponents on side. Go back to the cemetry people and ask them what you can do for them. Even if it means cutting the grass occasionally or cleaning up the odd grave site, these things can be offered or negotiated. Win your enemies over, dont try to fight them. It also helps hugely to get a local politician on side, show him/her the possible benefits to the area. Above all be persistant, it pays off. Your efforts to keep drag racing off the streets could save lives, capitalise on that fact.
  7. Mary had a little lamb And now that lamb is dead But still it goes with her to school Between two chunks of bread....
  8. Kido whether you want to or not, you are going to have to change if you want the world to accept you. You will get much better results by adopting a more conciliatory attitude. You may be in the right regarding your tickets and your assignment but it appears that in each case you are coming off second best. Obviously these people do not appreciate the way you have spoken to them. You may have got your point across but in the process you've lost the battle.
  9. I dont understand the waiting list for the graduation. Surely everyone gets to go to their graduation? There should be room for all. And they sell tickets? Shouldn't this be free? Or am I misunderstanding something? (as usual)
  10. Totally agree with all4sma. See if you can return it for something with more inputs. 2 HDMI should be enough but I would suggest you will need at least 3 maybe 4 Component inputs.
  11. I reinstalled itunes (havent had it for a year) and ever since I've had grief with my mailing program and also with being logged out of various sites. Could this be down to quicktime? People the world over use itunes without problems but it does seem a trifle buggy to me. How much quicktime can I remove without it affecting itunes itself?
  12. Well that wasnt too difficult. One down two to go - hope you didnt put your shirt on your team Franglais if you did youll be walking back from the Wanderers........
  13. Isn't it great the SA match finishes for the day and the WI match starts. 14 hours of Test cricket. Bliss. Your lads batted well but I cant see them bowling England out in only a day.
  14. Its ok we're used to umpiring decisions going against us.......
  15. Hi Franglais nice wicket you guys prepared for us thanks for that. Seems your Team is struggling a little....
  16. This was interesting - dont know if it would apply overseas but the theory sounds good. Just thought I would share this with you. I work in the speeding fine department in Brisbane's Magistrate's Court and in the course of investigating ' fines, their payment methods and how points are automatically added against drivers licences ' we discovered something very interesting. This has been tried and it works. Try it -- nothing to lose but the points on your licence. If you get a speeding ticket or red light infringement , or whatever earns demerit on your licence, then this method ensures that you DO NOT lose any points. When you get your fine, send in the cheque to pay for it and if the fine is say, $140, then make the cheque out for $141 or some small amount over the fine. The system will then have to send you back a cheque for the difference, but here is the trick! **DO NOT CASH THE REFUND CHEQUE!!!** Throw it away!! Points are not assessed to your licence until all financial transactions are complete. If you do not cash the cheque then the transactions are NOT complete. However, the system has got its money and is happy and will not bother you any more. This information came to our attention from a very reliable computer company that sets up the standard database used by each county's computing system.
  17. Den you'll have to provide a Rugby link as well. America doesnt do much International stuff. They do have a version of Rugby but its totally confusing and all the participants look like F111 pilots.
  18. You can mention whatever you want because you are totally delightful. And aside from that you're not English. Now, regarding your Rugby Team what exactly was it you wanted to apologise for?
  19. I'm a big Volt fan too. He helped me out a lot when I first joined and I for one miss the guy.
  20. Hardly surprising and so they should be. WI have worked hard to get their side back on track and thoroughly deserve to be congratulated. The addition of the Australian born player has obviously made a huge difference to the confidence of the WI squad. English cricket on the other hand lurches from one crisis to another. They're probably more concerned with their IPL contracts than they are in turning out for their Country. And anyone who resigns the National Captaincy because of a minor spat with the Coach and /or the Board has to be an idealistic idiot. Obviously South Africa rejected him for good reason.
  21. For one who claims not to be a cricket fan you dont miss much.....
  22. Hurdy the pecking rights belong to Intra. I'm in no position to bag your lot after our dismal performances. Still if did bring a smile to see that second innings score.... Do we know whose turn it is to be Captain next week?
  23. Ivanhoe had 45C yesterday. Bet the Pub did a good trade...
  24. Mate we'll lend you our openers they're not using their bats for much else...
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