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  1. Thanks guys. All is up and going fine, and without the cable! I am told that XP processes in digital but '98 still needs the cable.
  2. I'm having a problem with onboard sound on a pc. Thought I would install a sound card and the user manual say to install an audio lead from the CD Rom drive to the card. Is this essential? And if so what about the DVD drive?
  3. Perhaps you could try the link that says detailed specifications...
  4. This could be as simple as a psu issue. Can you check the output on the rails or even change the psu completely to check if the crashes still happen?
  5. Quarantine is showing it as [email protected] Actually I'm now wondering if the email was generated by the Microsoft exchange system which is part of this NAV. I've never really taken much notice of the settings in the M/S Exchange but i see now there is an option to generate an email.
  6. I just recd an email from [email protected] saying they found a virus in an email I sent them. But I didnt send them anything. The email from them asked me to add an enclosed .dat file to my Symantec protection list. I deleted their email with its attachment but I'm still wondering if it really was from Symantec or if it was a hoax. There is a new file in my quarantine list which is a .dat file. Cant figure this out.
  7. This is not good. Did a repair install and now I cant even get the windows update software to install.
  8. I just ran a system file check is there much difference between sfc and repair install of windows? I dont mind doing a repair install I have a slipstreamed disk with SP2 on it.
  9. Tried that - even have ewido in the list of acceptable pop up sites, however as soon as I click on install the software I am ignored.
  10. I seem unable to install the active x component for certain downloads. Ewido online scan, MSN photo album and also Norton protection will not load. When I click on the permission to install active x nothing seems to happen. I think the same problem is probably preventing the NAV from loading. Something appears to be blocking. No firewalls are on and it seems restricted to these 3 items. It this an installer problem?
  11. It certainly may help thanks Pacman how did you get that? I've been searching Symantiec for half an hour and never found that link. You're a bloody genius. Its my daughters pc - I'll check it out when shes finished gossiping to the world.
  12. I cant get Symantec Corporate to load file protection. Could this be because there is a previous installation not totally removed? Neither Symantec or Google can provide much information. There is an error message on start up which states Symantec Real Time file Protection failed to load. No other info. The program appears to be installed ok. I have no other a/v installed and the Windows firewall is off. Should I search the registry for all Symantec entries and remove them?
  13. G'day Doug! I think you may need to play around with the positioning of the receiving unit for the keyboard. Trouble is there's not much length to play around with on those units.
  14. I dont know if it helps but I also had a problem with a Logitech Cordless keyboard. Whenever I used my headphones which have a one meter extension cord I used to put the cord alongside the top of the keyboard. Every so often the keyboard would stop responding. Took me weeks to work out the cord was between the keyboard and the receive unit and when it was moved away the keyboard started to respond again. The interference as such was only intermittant, maybe in your case it is something similar.
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