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  1. In view of the general advice not to run 2 A/Vs at the same time, is there any problem with running M/S security Essentials alongside PC Matic and Supershield? And Given that PC Matic is important to me, do I still need Security Essentials?
  2. I have an iphone 3GS. Works beautifully and does everything I need. Takes a bit of learning to use it to its full capacity but when you do - wow!
  3. If you have any future problems with windows sizes, this is a great free program which takes care of it. http://www.jiisoft.com/iemaximizer/
  4. Seeing that you now need a good and reliable media player, try VLC. I wouldn't be without it.. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
  5. How many sticks of RAM are there in this machine? You might try pulling them out (one at a time) to see if this could be the problem.
  6. Time Now: Nov 04 2011 12:07 PM Last Visit: Today, 06:57 AM Exec. Time: 0.2286 Load: 1.19 Much better
  7. 0700 fri 4 Nov Exec time to GD 38.62
  8. Can you get IG to fix this? He always fixes my problems.
  9. I like it. Well done. Thanks.
  10. I agree with Joe - I canrt see how youre going to connect without a 3G compatible router. I use this router http://au.billion.com/product/voip/bipac7404vgpx.php which I bought specifically for use with a 3G USB modem. I actually abandoned the 3G network in favour of ADSL 2+ because the reception was so pathetic but I still use the router for VOIP calls. It is an excellent router and easy to set up.
  11. Congrats Juliet - he's right you are a little gem .
  12. I really think you need to reconsider the new Facebook title: PC Matic with Supershield - Bad Advice I did watch the commercial but anyone who reads that line and doesnt watch it, could just read the title and think PC Matic is something to avoid. When I first read that line I thought it was a complaint.
  13. I will test on my main machine which is this one.
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