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  1. Bing Crosby ............... White Christmas
  2. I'd appreciate an invite too, if there are any left.
  3. You wouldn't be on the beach today. Its 23c and tracksuit and Jumper weather. Bl**dy freezing
  4. Happy Birthday Terry. Must be Summer over there now, time to get out the knotted hankys and lie in the sun?
  5. Maybe you should consider the benefits of a program which updates your drivers (if necessary) every time it is run. This website has one called PC Matic. Its relatively inexpensive and it also helps to keep your pcs in good running order. I am quite capable of updating drivers myself without the assistance of any paid program, yet I purchased this program to save maintainance time and effort. Some of the websites - Realtek for example - can be a royal pain in the butt, they are definately not user friendly. PCMatic has received wide acceptance as a prime maintainance program and is well worth the small outlay. And No I dont have a vested interest in this site.
  6. Do you mean Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer ?
  7. Can you not disable it in Services?
  8. ....between Iron Man and Iron Woman? Iron Man is a superhero, Iron Woman is a simple instruction...
  9. You say this happens when you go into IE. Have your tried a different browser or even a different version of IE? I know its not necessarily the answer but it might give you a clue.
  10. Queensland is about to be hit by a category 5 cyclone which is due to cross the coast in about 6 hours from now. We are seeing pictures of major cities totally emptied as evacuations are in progress. Streets in the CBD are deserted and silent, supermarkets have sold out of most food and drink products and people interviewed in the media are very frightened. Winds are already at 300kph and gusts of 400kph are predicted, which apparently is the force of an atomic bomb. Everyone is terrified as nothing like this has ever been experianced in Australia before. The evacuation of the coastal towns and cities seems to have gone well but many many deaths have been forecast. My thoughts are with those in the North of the State. I have good friends in Innisfail where the cyclone is due to hit first and I hope they will survive this event.
  11. Have you run any anti-virus scans?
  12. Happy Birthday Stormy, have a good one...or two :b33r:
  13. I'm on a pension Bruce and right now I need 2 new tyres plus the Insurance on the car is due. Heaven will have to wait...
  14. Thanks guys explains it well. I didnt know the 4 Gb max was restricted to 32bit editions.
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