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    Active member of the Vietnam Vets / Legacy Vets Motorcycle Club.
    The return of our POW MIAs from all wars.
    Playing on computer.

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    Home built, INTEL CORE I7 Ivy Bridge-E, Asus Sabertooth X79, 2 each EVGA Hydro Copper GTX Titan X
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  1. Make sure you're running version 7.6.13 as the work unit request retries do not exceed 1 hour buffers. On 7.6.9 it would be up to 8 hours as abuffer.
  2. dickster over a million points the last two days in a row, great job of folding my friend.
  3. It's my understanding that the V7 for Linux will allow the same flag.
  4. Not TX Redneck but it's easy. pull up FHAControl click configure in top left corner. Click Expert tab, on left side click add In the name box type client-type be sure to type it just like I did. In the value type advanced all in lower case click OK. Doing it this way rather than each GPU will set it up for all GPUs.
  5. For such a old rig and the first water cooled PC Tx Redneck built it does a good job. Sure wish I had someone around to build the one I have parts for now the Corsair 1000 D case sure will look good. The two EVGA 1080 Hydro Coppers I have for it will out fold any thing running at my house currently. Thinking about getting another 1080 as the MB I have can handle triple SLI with no problem.
  6. Thanks to Tx Redneck it looks like my old rig is back up and folding. Thank you big time Tx Redneck!
  7. Tried several times install fails to find GPUs.
  8. EVGA NVIDIA GeForce Titan X Revision A1 Hydro Coppers. Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
  9. I downloaded and installed this now unable to get my GPUs to show up. [email protected] now will only allow this new version to be installed. So very sorry my team mates looks like I will not be able to help the team.
  10. Oh yes having the same problem my old rig is capable of close to million a day just been waiting on WU's like you are.
  11. Welcome to the Pit Crew I see you posted points at 6:00 am and 9:00 am so it looks like you got your folding white listed. We do have a good little team here with some long time folders.
  12. Well for someone like me that's thick headed, like me the green banner says. Join us in bringing the fight to COVID-19 Now for me and a lot of people like me something like this would catch my attention. Click here to join the Pit Crew at PC Matic in bringing the fight to COVID-19 (TEAM # 32035)
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