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  1. well you want to cool a amd 939 this is what i did with mine (im not ready to update my box either) all parts were from danger den but keep in mind that can be found cheaper with a little looking around cpu block http://www.dangerden.com/store/product.php...t=16&page=1 pump as long as your just cooling the cpu this will work http://www.dangerden.com/store/product.php...at=4&page=1 you don't need a reservoir just use a T line http://www.dangerden.com/store/product.php...t=95&page=1 as far as a rad goes i used this http://www.dangerden.com/store/product.p
  2. hi this is what i would do to cool your set up http://www.dangerden.com/store/product.php...t=16&page=1 http://www.dangerden.com/store/product.php...t=84&page=1 http://www.dangerden.com/store/product.php...t=23&page=1 i think that comes under 200 usd so you should be happy with that
  3. i did think the Martians did it .(must of been the only one)..................but if i was the russians i'd would have denied it too
  4. i heard today that we have photos of the Russian special forces moved them out before we got there.. http://www.washingtontimes.com/national/20...22637-6257r.htm
  5. i have a 1970 pointiac..(best car i ever owned).......sure beats the 2002 monte..
  6. it will play realplayer files too!!
  7. hi the link i posted is not quick time player it is windows media player classic that plays .mov files i use it and it seems to work great i got from the cd that came with maximum pc oct2004
  8. hi jim try this for your quick time needs http://www.free-codecs.com/download/QuickT...Alternative.htm theres one for realplayer too
  9. hi the k7n2g should be 133x15 heres a link that might help you http://forum.msi.com.tw/ be sure to check the nforce board............. or press delete during start up to get in the bois setup set the cpu fsb to 133 it defaults to 100 x 15 if you clear the cmos the board will defalt to a 100 fsb youll need to change that to 133fsb on your board it should be the jbat1 jumper page 2-31 in the manual hope that helps if not let us know
  10. turtle beach santa cruz here. will soon go to the turtle beach catilina card for 7.1 sound
  11. sure seems to be the power supply was not doing it before replacement but is now. i think it may be a under powered unit powering your sytem. i would check it with a multi meter or have someone do it for me.
  12. firekracker i already have the living will made and a copy with both my wife and the lawyer .but i only hope the do goodders don't pass a law that makes it invalided .
  13. this is a hard one . if god forbid something happens to me i want my wife to be the last word not the state .
  14. i just had a little boy he is very busy.he'll be 1yr old 3/15/04 if i lay i t down he grabs is it !!!!
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