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  1. chop is on the ball..i missed that
  2. as a union member my self i am a little worried to.. but the saftey of my familey and country come first..i for one am glad bush is in office...i run all the time with scissors
  3. weve been treating you canadians pretty poorly??????????????? hold your hands out maybe we'll give you guys more too
  4. pont70


    have it now.thanks very cool program xfire user name = pont70
  5. just anouther kerry supporter stiring the pot.......... i dont think it happened
  6. still beats walking something better than nothing anyday
  7. most times...................................unless your driving!!!!!
  8. i disagree i think we need it not only to convict the guilty but to free the innocent
  9. i agree with what you say but its that one person that was in the wrong place at the wrong time that worryies me.......................
  10. but then again if its proved with DNA testing that the person is guilty then i say kill them..
  11. there will allways be the inocent person thats been put to death.. and for that reason t i dont think the death sentence should be use'ed. but i do agree with an eye for an eye ..thats why i dont know... i guess kill'em all and let god sort them out..dosent not apply???????????
  12. its a first for me....never heard of it
  13. thanks ......thats the way its now but wanted to be sure
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