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  1. Yes...what a way to get off the topic LOL Thank you for the advice...I'm definatly going to try and find out if my brothers got a keystroke logger installed on my computer, I'll look into this further with the advice given me. Thanks for taking the time to reply....I feel VERY uncomfortable at my computer these days not knowing if he's nosing around or not....Heck, if a keystroke logger is what I think it is....then he will see everything I typed here....RIGHT ??? Well then he'd know I'm onto him...right ??? LOL.... Ok, if so... "ERIC, tah tah shame on you !!" ~hehehehehe~
  2. I honestly don't feel I'm a hypocrite. First of all, I'm not "spying" on my son...He KNOWS that there is a keystroke program on his computer, He knows each night I get a report as to where he's gone. But, I've got to agree with Mark, just handing the internet over to a child is irresponsible. I know not everyone will agree with me but I feel at 13, I'm not going to give my son 100% privacy...Heck No !! Don't you think it's parents who give their kids full privacy are the parents who find out their teen daughter is pregnant, never even knowing she's been sexually active ? You might say, well if you have an open honest relationship with your kids, they will tell you stuff like that....Nahhhh, not true ! Not always, I'm not willing to let my kids be one of the kids who ends up a teen father, a drug addict, a school skipper etc... My son will not have a lock on his door, I will call ahead to a friends parent to make sure he's there like he's supposed to be, he will keep his door open when his friends come over... I think to give a child full privacy is ASKING for trouble. I will say I learned about internet privacy the hard way. I did give my son full access on the computer, trusting he would use good judgement, just to find out later he had gotten porno pop-ups and clicked on them. I was horrified to see the photos his young eyes witnessed, truly truly vulgar. At first I was angry at HIM but then I realized I should be angry at MYSELF,,,, I would never give my son a loaded gun and tell him to be responsible with it, What teen boy is not going to stare at a porno pop up, telling him with just the click of his mouse he can see "girls gone wild"...I mean,,,seriously,,,what boy is going to say to himself "Uttt Ohh, that would be naughty".... Now that my son knows he's being monitored, he uses better judgement.. But even after all that is said and done, I would still not feel bad if I put the keystroke logger on his computer without his knowledge, IN MY OPINION, "PRIVACY"..."total privacy" is for ADULTS...
  3. Hello (if anyone reads this)......I'm wondering if anyone can give me a little help... I do believe my brother (bless his nosey heart) has installed some sort of keystroke recorder on my computer. I asked him to install it on my 13 year old sons computer so I could monitor what sites he visits however, I think my brother maybe took it upon himself to install it on MY computer.. What can I say ? He's not one for respecting peoples privacy... How can I find out if he does have some sort of keystroke recorder installed on my computer. Please keep in mind, I am a computer idiot. I can turn a computer on and off, and not much more. I understand very little computer lingo. I did download something called "Spybot" and ran it, It's giving me a list of names that I have no idea what they are....Like "AdRevolver" "Zedo" "Wildclick"....and about 25 other names.... Could one of these be something he installed ??? So my question is..... Can I find out if my brothers spying ? Thanks for any help, it SURE will be appreciated... [email protected]
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