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  1. Some of the early SATA controllers didn't work well with CD or DVD drives. Check that the sata cable is plugged in good.You may need a new controller card.
  2. I spent that much on my first CD-R I think it was 2 or 4 X and it took a long time to find you burnt a bad disk that cost you $6 .
  3. Try renaming it.Instead of mbam.exe change it to explorer.exe .I have had to do that just to install on an infected computer someone dropped off.
  4. Google+ is getting games. USA today I keep checking but they didn't show up for me yet.
  5. badbob


    The Firefox plugin Ghostery is good for blocking all these tracking sites. The last few days I can't find any sites that are still using kissmetrics.
  6. Try remove network cable from desktop and plug it in laptop to make sure the cable is good and the router is set up right. Most network card one light is to tell the cable is plugged in green/red and the second one should flash on and off amber /red.So the amber should be blinking as it talk to the router.
  7. If a storm took out the modem and router there is a good chance it took out the network card. Edit: To get the commands to work go to all programs ,accessories then right click on command prompt and select run as administrator.
  8. You may have to start the install from floppy's ,I remember having to download a floppy set from MS on a few old xp set ups. If the BIOS sees a bootable usb stick as a hard drive you may be able to copy the xp files to it and boot from that.
  9. You don't need java for you tube.Java and java script are not the same thing.Java script runs in your web browser.Java runs in a virtual machine and is used mostly for cross platform P to P programs and I think open office still uses it for somethings.
  10. You do not need Java for Windows updates. Java download
  11. Windows homegroup when it work only works with windows 7 and if you get it working it tends to stop working for no reason. I always turn homegroup off and use simple networking.Google network win7 to XP and set both computers as if they are sharing with XP.
  12. But isn't the profile name something you can't hide?A lot of people I like to keep in touch with online I don't want to find me ofline.
  13. How are you people using this? Are you using real names for your profile or fake or more than one profile? I like the idea of using a real profile for close friends and coworkers but what about friends from the midget clown porn forum? How is google+ working for real people, all I keep reading about is from tech writers and such who for the most part are just selling them self.
  14. On my setup it runs better on IE 9! Didn't try Firefox because you have to upgrade to 4 and I'm staying with 3.6.16 .
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