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  1. I am not sure I follow what you are saying. Can you possibly screenshot the screen that you see and post it or go further into detail? Are you sure you shared the folder you want to share on the network? Your my documents wont be shared by default on either pc, you need to make sure you right click the folder and select share. Can you specify the following. Computer Name Computer Workgroup If everything is setup right, you should be able to access a networked computer by typing the following into any explorer window, even the run box and hitting enter. \\computer-name
  2. Get a new network guy. It shouldnt take 5 days to resolve a network issue on a new computer system. Heres my suggestions. 1. Get a network guy that owns a cable tester (faulty cables are common) 2. Restart the router - its possible the dhcp portion of the router froze (it happens). 3. If that doesnt help - reset it and reconfigure it, it may not be setup to give out dhcp 4. Make sure you have the proper network drivers installed. many motherboards these days have TWO network ports, you may have installed drivers for ONE of them and plugging the cable into the SECOND one which doesnt
  3. The problem is likely w/ vistas new "networking and sharing" You have to make sure of the following. You can adjust the options for better security later, this is just to get you up and running. Set network to private. Enable File Sharing Enable Public Folder Sharing Turn off Password Protected Sharing Also any firewall on either system can block communication, be sure it allows the proper file sharing protocols to pass through.
  4. didnt know this forum had restricted posting rules. sorry.
  5. AVG antivirus is pretty lightweight. I use it all the time while gaming. Grisoft AVG Would it be possible for you to post a HJT log so we can analyze what you have running @ startup.
  6. Looks to me like there is an infected file in the system restore region. Right Click My Computer the select System Restore tab. Then check Turn off System Restore. Click Apply. Wait for it to finish. Then uncheck Turn off System Restore and hit apply again. This will purge your system restore cache and elimite any viruses still existing in your system restore. Regarding the QooBox folder. Do not worry about that folder. That is the folder created by combofix. its safe to just delete QooBox and anything in it after running combofix. Judging by your comments, it would appe
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