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  1. I have 7 Pro upgrade disks coming and would like to dual boot 7 and XP on separate partitions. I've done this with previous new versions of Windows. However, at a MS forum, I read that MS cancels the XP product key when you activate 7 from an upgrade disk. Anybody know anything about this? Thanks..
  2. If the flickering occurs while your laptop is plugged in, you might have a loose power supply connection. The worse case is probably a faulty power unit. To check for a loose connection, jiggle the the plug-in and see if the screen flickers.
  3. It worked. Right click on the desktop, then to personalize/change desktop icons. The icons appear when you open that. The recycle bin disappeared because it somehow got itself unchecked in this computer. Thank you for the good help, Stormy13.
  4. The recycle bin has disappeared from the Vista Home Premium desktop of my wife's new laptop. Everything else there is as it should be. She doesn't remember losing it and doesn't remember having any problem that might have caused it. I'm new to Vista and haven't been able fix it. Can any of you help me? Thanks..
  5. You guys are good!! I found the finalizing step in the recorder menu and everything works now. I can now play the disk on computers and have copied it to a hard drive. I appreciate the help.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions..I'm still staring at a blank disk, but you've given me some new things to try. I'm trying to find out if the disk was ever finalized by the DVD recorder. So far, I haven't found any setting there for it. I tried to explore or open the disk from my new Roxio DVD burner software before I posted here. Just like Windows, it can't see a thing.
  7. I've tried the disk on three computers and none of them can read it. When I try to open, explore or check its properties from My Computer, Windows sees nothing. All of my DVD drives work perfectly with other disks. There must be a formatting trick to learn here..
  8. I transferred several old analog home movie films to a DVD disk, using a JVC DVD recorder attached to the TV set. I want to transfer the movies from the disk to my hard drive, so I can nitpick at them with Roxio suite 8. The problem is that none of my software recognizes anything on the DVD disk. My burner drive handles all the different formats of DVD, but Windows and Roxio see nothing but an empty disk. Didn't the DVD recorder convert the movies to a digital format that is accessible to a computer? As you can probably guess, I've never tried anything like this before. Can any of you he
  9. Get AVG for your mom. As far as I know, it's the only one of the free AV programs that updates and scans automatically.
  10. I didn't have spyware problems with just those three AS programs either, but the MS program was a godsend for greenhorns who still can't remember to scan or update. It won't find everything, but it doesn't require the user to do anything. That makes it a treasure in my dealings with this bunch. Now that I know MSAS works, I'll keep urging my noobs to use it. They call me about every whine, hiccup and burp from their computers. I convinced them that they needed them, so I guess I deserve their calls. Most of them can't describe anything they see on their screens, though, so helping them is p
  11. That's a good test, faith. It answers my question about whether or not the MS program can be trusted to catch anything when it's the only antispyware tool being used. It seems safe to say that it's better than nothing. The relative with the gummed up computer has used MSAS and nothing else for about six months. At my suggestion, she installed Spybot S&D the other night, updated it and scanned. It found 20 spyware programs. She says her normal Windows speed has been restored. She swears that she'll scan with S&D every week. She'll probably forget about it until her next problem, bu
  12. I update and scan my computers once a week with Adaware and Spybot S&D. I also update Spyware Blaster during this same weekly drill. It isn't terribly unusual for Adaware or Spybot to find a villain or two, especially on my wife's computer, during weekly scans. I suppose it's possible that my manual scans are all that's needed, but it seems odd to me that MS's antispyware leaves anything for them to find. It runs all the time, updates itself every day, scans every night and has never found anything that I can remember. Has it found spyware for any of you? I'm asking because I've push
  13. Are any of you using this? I've had it as a running program for several months. It looks and sounds good, but it's never found anything in any of my computers. In the meantime, Adaware and Spybot have. Anyone having better results with it?
  14. Questions, questions.. Can you see the hard drives of both computers yet? If you can, it means you've been successful in configuring your network. Is the XP machine connecting to the internet right now? Does its internet connection use the router and the modem in the W98 machine, or does it also have a modem?
  15. I believe you need to redo your Windows 98 setup, lorriehe. Here are detailed instructions and illustrations for the configuration. Other pages show how its done with XP. http://www.homenethelp.com/web/howto/HomeNet-Win98P1.asp
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