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  1. I've removed quite a few heatsinks from gpus/cpus by holding them above the stove when I didn't have a hair dryer available....yes it gets a little hot on the fingers, but it gets the job done....
  2. Ouch, what a [email protected]#$!, to use an xacto knife is was a stupid move in the first place, why didn't he heat it up a little with a hair dryer or hold it above the stove for a few mintues.....
  3. Probably since you have it softmodded, have you tried it with regular drivers. Also, do you have ramsinks on your card?
  4. Graphics Cards Diamond Stealth 16mb Radeon 9000 Radeon 9800se Cpus 550mhz k6-2 1000mhz Athlon "thunderbird" AthlonXP 2600 Sempron 3000 :crash:
  5. I like these ones from the Raptor Pit (is this a new one Raptor?) Had to throw these out as well: This is my Favorite of all smilies though:
  6. Yikes! Hopefully they at least have 1 bios out....imagine they would have to...wouldn't they?
  7. http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=4184007 5623 3DMarks +8% = 6072 Update for Team "Darkside" or Team "Hammbone" whichever my team chooses.... Let me know if these drivers are a problem....
  8. .....ewww, lol. Anyway, let Ati tool do it's thing on lower overclock setting, maxed out 380.01/304(608)...stock is 325/290, in case someone didn't know.... Anyway, so I cranked her up to 390/340(680) and ran it in AM3, no problems, seen about 2-4 artifiacts though on each test....is dat bad? lol.... Anyway, I'll crank her up some more hopefully later this weekend, a friend wants me to go to his party for one of his friends going away (to jail) dont ask, I don't know details.... Edit: whoops, forgot to ask, is anyone else having submitting problems on AM3,
  9. alright, updating my music inventory a little bit, but in a few more minutes I'll give her a go and see what shes got!
  10. How long do you guys think I should wait for this paste to set beforeI start finding it's *new* max core and all the fun stuff?
  11. Well, made it back, so far I haven't o/c'd it yet, just been on for about 2 minutes now, so if I dissappear, ya'll know what happened, never seen the gpu before, so that was kinda cool. The chick was weird because she just kept using weird analogies while I was signing the package, then she said "see ya later alligator"...... What's up with the new sig, I always thought it was afterwards that chicks smoked, not because they didn't get any...only dated one smoker...
  12. wasnt scheduled to come in till monday, but guess they got it here early, weird fedx chick though, anyways, just wanted to let yall know so if ya don't see me back on in an hour or so it's because I'm down at fry's or bestbuy picking out a new one since I messed up this one during installation, otherwise, I'll be back shortly!
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