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  1. You both are correct, After going on this psu calculator site, it shows that he has about 289 watts worth of equipments. His current psu is only 250watts lol, wow. I will give him my old 400watt psu, and hopefully that will solve his issues. Thanks for the helps guy, ill let you know afterwards..
  2. Hey guys.. havnt been here in a while.... anyways.. a friend of mine, just upgraded his video card, but everytime he opens up a game like coutner strike, his PC will restart and it keeps doing this,( his video card is a radeon 9800 with the lastest drivers) so i told him to switch back to his old vid card, and the problem is gone. Any help? http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=P41V0WNJVPCSU7JR MSI - PM8M-V thanks
  3. Hi, This used to work until i added another harddrive for my music. The hard drive is shared and all on the network, but my brother cannot drag files out. He can open the folder from his computer and can see files but than cant drag it on his computer. Its says some kind of restriction error and need to contact the system admin. Any ideas? :help:
  4. Mine came out pretty good, but not so good cause of the air bubbles afterwards. Heres some pics of it: Its really scratch resistant, i love the feel of how u can hold it like nothing was there, no cases etc.. You need to watch this video of the shield in action!: http://www.untenohana.com/archives/videos/ipod_scratch_test/
  5. Congrats!, what color did you get? Remember to get a case for it ASAP! or buy a invisible shield like i did. They scratch so easily just like the Nano. DONT remove the plastic thats on the ipod, take it off when you get a case for it. The InvisibleShield
  6. umm.. thats a good monitor.. Did you get like a driver installation cd for the monitor? if so, did you install it? also, what size is your screen resolution?
  7. I am using a seperate router.I still kinda new to this networking thing, but, i have a dsl connection. The dsl modem is connected to my wireless linksys router. I am connected on ethernet. 2 laptops are connected wirelessly and 1 desktop wirelessly. Im trying to block one of the laptops from accessing the internet.
  8. Hi, Is there a program ( hopefully free ) that will allow me to "block" certain computers using my internet on my home network?
  9. dang.. u guys just started school? our first day was aug.29. so it beem a little over a week of my senior year is high school! lucky i only hace 3 classes this year
  10. You can start by going here and post it http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/ Just remember to select your states, cause right now its set to DC ( My location ) Good Luck
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