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  1. thanks guys! I grabbed a 120mm and a 80mm fan earlier today. CPU: 32 degrees Celsius GPU: 52degrees Celsius both @ idle and stock cooling, temperatures looking good?
  2. jeeze.. i havnt posted in this section in years! well, i just finished putting this together couple hours ago as a replacement for my old p4 1.8ghz lol. not really aiming for the gaming rig.. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=LZEZSW76WWVS3BVV any tips to improve score? oh and btw.. my card is running at 58 degrees C idle.. isnt that a bit too hot?
  3. did that already and still no luck, i even tried changing to a different workgroup name but still the same
  4. Hey all, im trying to share files from my pc to laptop. When i go to my network> view workgroup computers on my pc, i can see the pc and the laptop. But when i do the same for my laptop, i cant see the pc, just the laptop. I tried opening my laptop from the pc but i get a "\\laptop is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this network resource...... the network path was not found." both pc and laptop can access the internet, just cannot share files. I am using a Linksys : model WRT54GS thanks Desktop: Laptop:
  5. as for cpu single core is fine. socket 939 and ddr2. as for video card i was looking at am OEM ati850XT, but im not quiet sure. any help would be greatly appreciated :beer:
  6. Hey guys, a buddy of mine is in the market for building a new pc. He asked me to help him with parts and im not so good once it comes to finding parts for the price Anyways, he is looking for a AMD Rig, and price range to be no more than $500-$600. This includes everything for a new pc...including case... EXCEPT for a harddrive,cd drive, soundcard,speakers and monitor. Just the PC. Im sure he is looking for a gaming PC, so plz help me out picking parts for him! So whats the best $500-$600 can do?
  7. dang.. u guys just started school? our first day was aug.29. so it beem a little over a week of my senior year is high school! lucky i only hace 3 classes this year
  8. Hello Pitsters, For some reason i always get a error like this when starting up iTunes or QuickTime: I did reinstall the programs, but that didnt seem to help. I also tried searching the net for the .Dll file and no success. Could someone locate that file on their computer and send the file to me? Thanks!
  9. Its under Games and Gear.. where is it suppose to be?
  10. Ps3 That thing is HOT!
  11. this is for broad band connections/dial up running Windows XP Pro. 1. log on as Administrator. 2. start - run - type gpedit.msc 3. expand "local computer policy" 4. then expand "administrative templates" 5. then expand "network branch" 6. Highlight the "QoS Packet Scheduler" 7. on right window double click "limit reservable bandwidth" 8. on setting tab check the "enabled" 9. change "Bandwidth limit %" to 0 reboot if prompted this is because Windows XP reserve 20% of the bandwidth for its self. It really works!
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