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  1. I have never used it myself so the info I can provide is pretty limited, but WOT says "no": http://www.mywot.com...card/beezid.com
  2. Mine was "Philadelphia Freedom" by the Elton John Band.......
  3. Nothing wrong with blond hair (and the blond model was very pretty) but personally, I prefer brunettes
  4. This is indeed very sad news. I have been a boxing fan for many years and Joe Frazier was quite simply one of the best that there has ever been. If you ever get the chance to read his autobiography I recommend it. A legend, a gentleman, and a real "fighters" fighter. Rest in Peace Joe.
  5. A belated Happy Birthday to you both! Best wishes JonTom
  6. Have a great day Bear Best wishes JonTom
  7. Have a great day Stormy13 Best wishes JonTom
  8. We are all still with you Tx. You are in our thoughts and prayers. JonTom
  9. Its always sad to leave but you are moving onwards and upwards Hmmm.....kitchen appliances in Bolton or a Luxury Cruiseliner... Bit of a "no-brainer" right there! You made a wise choice my friend
  10. Where did you study? I spent 4 years up in sunny Aberdeen for my degree
  11. Sounds like a really great job Wigan Nice one Best Wishes JonTom
  12. My thoughts and prayers are with you Bryan. Best wishes JonTom
  13. A very Happy Birthday to you all Best wishes JonTom
  14. Hello Wayne There is a little more information about this Virus here: Link Best wishes JonTom
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