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  1. Hello, Recently bought Optimize 2.0 and had a few questions: 1. I also use tweakxp utility, will any of there setting conflict with each other? 2. TweakXP gives an explanation of what each setting or tweak does. Unfortunately Optimize does not. Is there a manual for Optimize that will tell me what each thing means so I can see if it is something I want to apply or not? If there is no manual available can someone please tell me what each of these means: BrowseRemoteTasks=(Delete Key) CompressOldFiles=(Delete Key) VisualFXSetting=3 MinAnimate=0 MenuShowDelay=250 ContigFileAllocSize=512 NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate=1 3. How compatible is optimize with Vista? I run a dual boot. I am using it on my xp partition, but wondering if it would help my Vista partition as well. Thanks in advance for the info. Scott
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