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    some cheap lenovo laptop... and it's exactly what i need.
  1. Thanks but I've never really liked the idea of those scans. I don't like the opening my computer up like that. True, I don't know what actually goes on but the idea of having some computer somewhere perform what seems to be a deep scan, doesn't sound all that safe. I don't know what exactly they're looking at or could possibly look at. It's not that I have anything to hide on my computer but at the same time, I don't allow people to just waltz into my residence either.
  2. I hope they do as well. Actually, I hope that they have found a cure to this reoccuring problem. It just started happening again for me about 3 weeks ago and has gotten progressively worse since. Even though I've had this problem for years and years and years, this is the first time that I've looked for help. I have never found a pattern; it just seems to randomly happen. At one point in time I thought it happened when I would accidentally hit Shift+Enter when going into a folder but I've ruled that one out. I format my system every year or so (if it lasts that long) so it's never really b
  3. I'm wondering if anyone has figured this one out yet. I have the same problem and (as the guy above me said) this is not a sticky keyboard from spills or what not. This is the computer thinking that the shift key is down when in reality, it's not. It not only affects typing (capped letters) but also when selecting files or text. I can't believe that there are only two who have experienced this problem since I've experienced it on every computer I've owned... at least those that run XP Pro, I can't remember back to the other OS but I think it happened on '98 SE but not '95. Anyway, I
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