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    chasing my son around mainly then computers, motox, and anything else dangerous

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    Pentium D 805 Stock for now Asus P5LD2-VM 1Gb PNY 667Mhz nvidia 7200 gs 128mb/512mb turbo cache 80gb maxtor sata 20x dvd/rw lightscribe sata gamers case everthing inside uv reactive
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  1. never had any heat probs with these. its a retail cpu so it comes with intel h/sink and fan. You will only have heat problems if you plan on overclocking water cooling kits start at around £200 in the uk for a good one. ive just ordered a http://www.ebuyer.com/product/134777 If you stick with the stock h/sink for now il let you no how this one performs
  2. shoes looked worn but had plenty of carbon left on them and unless you drive with your foot constanly on the break the shoes would last well over 6 months. Maybe a leaking cylinder could have contamonated the shoes causing friction and overheated the brakes. You just cant tell what caused it the garage my be at fault but is unlikely as if the brakes had been fitted incorectly they wuoldn't have held out that long
  3. No people will say different but a dual core is no match for a quad core When the E6750s cores are are at 100% usage the quad will just start using another core I tested a core 2 duo and a core 2 quad even tho the duo had a faster clock and fsb the quad still beat it on benchmarks
  4. the intel q6600 w/go stepping is prob the best cpu on market for power and value il post some links not sure if they deliver to you or not tho http://www.ebuyer.com/product/131950 http://www.ebuyer.com/product/116755
  5. just downloaded ms fix, installed and machine didnt need a reboot. I rebooted any way no difference. the machine not requiring a reboot leads me to belive this fix is just more ms bullsh*t
  6. do you mean the fix from ms or the program from intel?
  7. the thing is its already out performed my old athlon x2 in windows performance gaming and video compression
  8. heres my link http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=84F0SW4F74GSQEPG thanks
  9. 60+ cant understand it though my single core 64 used to run that temp idle
  10. One thing i cant work out this will prob have all of you thinking aswell This pentium d apears to perform much better than my old (broken) athlon windows boots quicker apps load faster pc response has improved alot the fsb is faster so is the ram BUT my amd scored 1626 in the pit this intel is a mere 867 ? same with ram 1001 with amd and that was 333Mhz and with the 667 ive got now it just about reaches 700 in the pit please explain some one
  11. Well guys i finally did it @3.2Ghz there was a loud pop and that was it dead. brought a pentium D 805 2day for £15 is it worth keeping if i get a good board?
  12. run a pc pitstop test on the sumary page your 2d score should be atleast 350 to perform well with games looking at your card its really not upto the job those old ati cards aint the best for gaming
  13. I would definatley go for that one specialy at that price. I wouldnt be expecting the battery to last verry long though
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