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  1. I received the removal tool and ran it. Restarted and ran it again. First time it found 1 or 2 things to remove, but the PCPitstop testing stopped again at the same place. After a reboot I ran it again, and it found nothing to remove, so I tried to run the tests agaijn, butI IE6 will now not even start the tests without an error while downloading the dll. The diagnostic is dlltrack.dll which is not in my system, so apparently it needs to be there. No other IE6 add-ons are disabled and the pcpitstop add-on is not loaded. Any ideas?
  2. Having a heckovatime tyrying to send a PM. I sxent it twice but see no sent PM in my outbox.
  3. Sent.... I tried the tests under another login, also an admin one, but nothing different happened. I suppose as expected.
  4. A funny thing happened on the way to the forum.... when i did this : regsvr32 /u pcpitstop.dll i got an error return code of 0x8002801c and when i did this : regsvr32 /u diskfau.dll i got a not found error The other two commands went ok but now it does not d/l the pitstop.dll add-on and also gives me an IE error where i have to restart it. Ad infinitum. XP Pro SP2 IE ver 6.0.2900.2180..... (more in my profile, and ZoneAlarm is OFF during this) This is what happens.......well... it is an IE alert box noting module dlltrack.dll
  5. This is repeatable. Also under Debug and omitting the Add/Remove section it still stops at Add/Remove Programs. Following is the only diagnostic I get. What do I do next? [email protected]: Fell back to registry 1991 MHz (pre-lock) [email protected]: raw 1991, locked 2000 MHz [email protected]: Status 25174026, problem 0, video name Trident Video Accelerator Blade 3D [email protected]: Cannot LoadLibrary wnaspi32.dll [email protected]: Cannot LoadLibrary wnaspi32.dll [email protected]: Cannot LoadLibrary wnaspi32.dll
  6. Well, there we stand, I guess..... I tried skipping the Disk Health test and PCPitstop will not skip it. All that happens is I get the alert and then IE6 terminates. Want me to upload (somehow) the Visual C++ Runtime Error bitmap? It say "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the aplication's support team for more information." I guess I'm doing it now. PCPitstop used to work well on this machine. Can an admnistrator email me when this is fixed? Bye for now......
  7. I had a problem with ActiveX not working and I just fixed it today. After spending hours and hours chasing different ideas. In "Manage Add-Ons..." under the "Tools" menu I found that enabling the mhLabelClass item caused IE6 to pass the ActiveX test. This item seems only to show up when running the actual test. That led me to the newer Visual C+ error which I'm working on now. Man, what a PAIN! PCPitstop used to run fine on this machine. Hope this helps someone.
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