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  1. I have this baffling problem: I cannot install ANY antivirus software on my computer! My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate (running on an ASUS laptop). My problems started yesterday (30 June 2010) when trying to update Microsoft Security Essentials to the latest version. I got error code 0x80070643 every time. I tried all the fixes suggested on MSE Community forum, but to no avail. So I decided to temporarily install some other free AV software while waiting for Microsoft's response to my support case. Since then, I have tried installing the free versions of Kaspersky, AVG, Panda Cloud, BitDefender, et
  2. N.B. My troubles started quite a few months ago -- for all that time I have been unable to download the Active X control, so I'm certain that I will be unable to run even the old tests.
  3. I don't know how to run the old tests (can you post a link in the reply to this message?), and I have no idea what a "TechExpress link" is or how to post it. Please give step-by-step instructions and assume maximum ignorance on my part.
  4. I have done that, and the old control has now been removed, but I still cannot get the Active X control for the full tests to download. (N.B. The anti-virus control does download, but then hangs at "Please Wait: Loading the antivirus scanner..."). Could it be that I should be running some Windows XP service/s that is/are currently disabled on my computer?
  5. Active X is OK: I get the date and time indication, and the time updates as expected.
  6. Martin, thanks for the swift response. I have ADSL at around 2000 kbps ... admittedly not light-speed, but surely this should be sufficient? It never used to be a problem. I have a hunch the problem lies elsewhere [sEE NOTE BELOW]. What is your expert opinion? Here are the results of the Dallas-Utrecht bandwidth test: Download Speed: 2042 kbps (255.3 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 401 kbps (50.1 KB/sec transfer rate) Latency: 164 ms Rob Stuart Utrecht, NL NOTE: I have successfully downloaded the PCPitstop ActiveX control on a PC elsewhere that also has 2000 kbps ADSL -
  7. The PCPitstop full test (Overdrive) does not start, whatever I do. I always get this error message: "It has taken more than two minutes to download the PC Pitstop utility. This indicates some type of problem with the connection; it usually takes no more than a minute to download the utility, even on a slow dialup connnection." I have successfully downloaded and enabled the PCPitstop ActiveX control (mhLbl.dll) in my browser (IE7). I have allowed all PCPitstop cookies and set the security settings as recommended by PCPitstop. I have shut down my firewall (ZoneAlarm Security Suite) and a
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