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    Compaq Presario 6512UK Intel Celeron - 2.0GHz 40GB HD 756DDR-SDRAM Combo dvd-rom & cd-writer Intel Extreme Graphics
  1. Hi Guys I'm IN! Dave your link WORKED. IntelGuy - sorry you went to so much trouble for nothing. I would like to thank you both for all the help you have given me over this. In the end it was so easily solved but you did a great job. all round I think! Thanks again and I will now go and test my PC! Cheers Norma
  2. Hi IntelGuy and Dave Have you given up on my problem or are you just having trouble coming up with another suggestion? Can't the Tech boys help? Please keep trying for me. Regards Norma
  3. Hi caintry_boy and dave Thanks for your suggestions. I have checked Spybot and there is no mention of PCPitstop in the Hosts bit. I don't have Peer Guardian - whatever that is! It just seems so stupid. This is the only site I cannot access! -someone please. Norma PS Just tried to connect again but still getting 'IE cannot connect to this site' so again tried the 'Diagnose Connection Problems' link again and it still tells me there are NO problems!
  4. Sorry only just found your post. Rather late. Must get to bed but will check Spybot tomorrow and be in touch again. Thanks Norma
  5. I did as you suggested and the following message came up: "Tracing route to forums.pcpitstop.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops" Then I got:- "1. 7ms 7ms 5ms Assorted numbers then came up on each line till 30 instead of the stars and 'Request timed out' I had on the previous Trace. I then got:- (as before) "Trace complete C:\documents and settings\owner" So it would appear that this one worked OK but doesn't answer why pcpitstop.com won't work does it? This is getting silly don't you think? but thank you for all the trouble you
  6. I did that -clicked on enter and the following message came up: "Tracing route to pcpitstop.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops" Then I got:- "1 * * * Request timed out 2 * * * " " " " Repeated till 30 then "Trace complete C:\documents and settings\owner" I then checked in the above and found nothing. I then checked my link to PCPitstop from my favourites menu and was back to "IE cannot find this website" Does this help you at all? Norma
  7. Exactly the same - Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage Still no joy!
  8. Hi again, I have checked and PC Pitstop is in my Trusted Sites. I have just run Optimizer again and that couldn't connect to the internet at the beginning not could I go to PCPitstop at the end. Any other suggestions? This is getting silly! Norma
  9. Hi again I get the same result - the page that says " Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". No matter what link I try I get the same response. I got an email today re updating Optimize but the link in there gave me the same reply. I have no idea why this should have happened as I have been a member for years. Norma
  10. I am very disappointed. I made aa enquiry in February re accessing PC Pitstop but have had NO reply. Part of my query reads:- "I have used PCPitstop for years to check my PC but two or three months ago I suddenly could not connect. I tried various links over time ie my bookmark, Google search, PC Optimize etc., but with every one I got the "IE cannot display the web page" message. I tried Firefox but still no joy. I kept getting emails from you but as it is a 'no reply' I couldn't contact you. Do the admin staff not read these posts? If they do surely
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