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  1. I figured that, but thought I would try. I will have to do that. Thanks
  2. Not sure of the model, I think presario. I have not tried another ethernet card. When i first hooked it up it would not work with the ethernet, so I used the usb. When I got my new computer i found out the ethernet port on the modem was the real problem. I have tried different cables, no difference. Correct, as soon as i unplugged it the computer booted up perfectly with never locking up, of course their is no internet. When I first switched to the ethernet it worked. If i went on the internet it would lock up after a few minutes, but if I stayed off the internet it would work fine. Just recently it would lock up just sitting there with the desktop showing. I was debating on whether to get the new ethernet card or just get a wireless usb adapter and go that way. I was hoping someone would know an easy fix, because I don't really want to put too much money into it.
  3. I have a couple of computers, one of which is really old. It is a Compaq desktop with a celeron 566 (don't laugh). I have always used this computer with a USB cable direct to a cable modem. I recently switched my house to wireless and had to switch to an ethernet cable. Ever since I did that the computer locked up after being online anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. It progressively got worse, until it would not even boot up. As soon as I unplugged the ethernet cable the computer worked fine. I would like to keep this working for pictures and other little stuff for the family to use. If anybody has any suggestions to remedy this pleas let me know. Thanks!
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