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  1. LAMO, I didn't read any "freakin" articles. Didnd't know I had to take a quiz to enter the contest
  2. Guys, thanks for the suggestions, still going through them. The PCI slot Ethernet card did nothing for the problem. I also changed ports on the Router from 4 to 1 to 3 to 2 etc. No go. I will look at updates to the LinkSys Router. Never knew there was such a thing This problem is driving me crazy. Oh by the way, I found 4 Trojans when I used Trend Micro, but couldn't get rid of them. They went into my System Restore, so I diabled it, rebooted, checked again and they were gone. Have checked again 4 more times after turning System Restore back on and it detects nothing. Could they
  3. Ok guys, here's the deal. XC, good to hear from you. I tried your settings....so difference. I then unplugged myself from the Router and went directt to the Cable Modem. Instantaneous Connetion, Lighting Speed. Bingo, just what I was looking for. Went back through the router and it's slower that a turtle. I think my on board card sucks! My wife's computer works fine, no matter if it goes through the router or direcct to the Modem. Does this make any sense? She has a seperate Ethernet Card. Guess it's time to try a spare ethernet card to sede if it works.
  4. Dickster, we tried that as well. still no luck. I think we will try a spare ethernet card and put it in an open PCI slot to see if it speeds things backup before I go out and buy a new one. Thanks for the help
  5. Ok, I updated my drivers, rebooted and it's still slow. Maybe I did damage it somehow, (blowing out the dust?). Will it still run if it's somehow damaged? This is really frustrating. It's like going back to a ISDN line almost.
  6. Tried that as well. No luck there. I will check ASus,, I'm on the Intel Site and they suggest checking your vendor or use their "Family" of drviers for the Pro 1000.Thanks
  7. Dickster, it's onboard my Asus P4C800-E. It's an Intel PRO/1000 CT Network Connection. I will check for any new drivers. Do you have a link suggestion? When I go to Asus most of the time, there hardly ever any updates. Thanks
  8. I have Norton, but once again it's a Resource Hog and terrible to leave running while you game on line. Switched back to free AVG. Yes, I have slo had a few viruses, but that's when I didn't have anything running. In fact right now, I don't have anything running. I need to get in the habit of starting up AVG manually.
  9. Hi all. Questions, can my onboard cable connection go bad? Meaning, this...I have a cable connection running through a router herre at home. A few days ago, when I open the Internet it takes like 20 seconds to open my Yahoo homepage, or any otherr page. It used to be instantaneous. I tried all the other slots in the Router and direct to modem as well, no luck. My wife's computer is fine. I checked for Spyware and virsues, no issues there....(I always check and clean daily). I thought the ethernet card or whatever it's called is either good meaning it works, or bad, meaning no connetion
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