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  1. Hey Flew, great to hear from you again. Been busy with the bodybuilding thing still. Thanks for the info, that's good to know. I checked out your featured rig, very nice work! I really need to spend some time on here reading up on all the new technology as I'm sooooo far behind the times.
  2. Sweet, thanks for showing me how to navigate that page. I'm feeling much better about the card now
  3. Okay, just did a 3DMark06 test: Wow is that tough on the system, I thought my PC was going to crash on the CPU tests as it was at 0 FPS the whole time. In comparions though with the amount of RAM I have at 512, it seemed to score okay to me. Any thoughts on this? thanks
  4. Thanks for the link, looks like I'm not alone. D/L'ing the 3DMark06 right now to run some tests. Thanks again IntelGuy
  5. Cool, thank you for the reply bro. I'll check them out and post up a score.
  6. 34 views and no one has an opinion? Should this card score better? throw me a bone here, tell me it's crap or at least say that it's not common to see these results and somethings wrong. thanks
  7. Everyone speechless? Sucks that bad huh? Think I should return it to NewEgg an get something better? It seems to game okay for what I play so far.
  8. So I ran back to back tests. Stock an then OC'd the GPU to 450/400. Score in the Pit Test still sucks and I'm not sure why. Here's the link: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=GSMZSWXCTXJSJFVV compare that to my old Ti4600 I just tested a week ago: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=P6AHSWXCTXJS6ZVV I ran several Aquamark3 tests with the 7600GS and scored 59,243, not sure if that's any good or not as I didn't go online to run any comparisons yet. Any thoughts? btw, it's a EVGA model GeForce 7600GS thanks
  9. yea I saw that option as well. Weill give that a shot this weekend and see what it spits out
  10. oh boy, I think I found it. It's new to me, you have to agree to use Performance Settings in another screen under advanced settings in Nvidia Control Panel. It seems I have the GPU OC abilities now. It's just not as nice and condensed as I was used to
  11. Ok, just got my card in already tonight guys. I popped it in, immediately went and d/l's the 163.75 drivers WHQL certified. I restart the pc, open up RivaTuner and I didn't get the ability to OC. I click on the Customize option and just get a low level twek screen that has the 4X or 8X option. At the bottom of that screen is usually where it asks you to check the box to enable overclocking then it opens up the option in the Advanced Displays for your GPU control. No dice. I figured it may be driver related so now I'm running the 162.18 drivers, same thing, no OC option in RivaTuner v2.0.
  12. Thanks bud, the first link is good as it's 184-pin ddr. Cost is WAY more then I want to spend though, almost $200 for 512 The second link is all DDR2 memory which won't work. Got your pm, let me think on that a bit. thanks for your help
  13. thanks guys, yea I know I'm old school with this rig, but seeing as I just bought a new laptop, I'm refusing to build a new rig just now. I'm searching the net for what I need and coming up empty at the moment. I may have to get some lower speed RAM if I want more quantity it seems.
  14. I'm not going crazy here, really. I have a pair of matched OCZ PC4200 ddr533 184-pin RAM in a 2x256 config. I am in the process of ordering a new vid card and decided to check memory as it's so cheap these days for the older stuff. I cannot find the same RAM I currently have on NewEgg. In fact, the only ddr533 is 240-pin ddr2 memory. What gives? Am I going crazy?
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