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  1. The question then becomes, is Defender any good vs Kasperskys? My personal usage of Kasperskys... says NO! I'd rather pay for Kasperskys.
  2. Is reformatting a big name for wiping the hard drive clean? That's one thing I'd like to know how to do. Because I reset my first Windows 7 back to factory settings once, and then this one too. Which from what I understand is like, it takes the that part of the system & part-ions it ( much like quarantining a virus ) from the rest of the drive? And then you just are reinstalling windows back on it? I'd rather just know how to wipe the drive clean first, then reinstall windows. ( Ok, now I just read what a reset to factory settings was. And it says that does wipe the HD clean. ) But it must leave something behind, some where. Because my Hard drive was around 20 GBs smaller then it originally was, lol. ( I guess that could be for the system they use to rest it back? ) I have a 2TB hard drive, but only 1.8 is available to use. ( my first Windows 7 died from an over heating problem. Which I blame partly on the hard & heavy use I do to my computers. As well as a bad design to the case on what is called a "slim" case. It's much smaller then the original cases, as well as thinner. And only had vents on 2 sides of it. The new one I got has vents on 3 of the 4 sides, & the top. as well as vents all around the case ( instead of seals )
  3. At first I was going to say, "3 and a half HOURS" for 7 updates? lol. But then I quickly figured you must have meant to do all of the updates you skipped since June That was the 2nd worst part about setting my computer back to factory settings back in January. Like caintry_boy said above. First there were all the updates to download and install since 7 was first issued. Then going through the whole process of setting up your account & personal settings taking another few hours. And stupidly. I had decided to start doing it around 10:30 PM. lol. I was up to around 5 in the morning doing it.
  4. A Big Thanks to everyone for their replies to my post here :) I finally decided I would wait until this week to see if I got any updates and like mentioned above as well. I did!~! 7 for the system and for the malware remover. I was just going to set back to back to factory settings if I hadn't. So thankfully, I won't have to go through that hours long ordeal of setting every thing back up again. lol!
  5. Okie dokie & thanks everyone, for your replies I was just worried since I actually did had this problem a few months back. ( seems like a lot of people had it too. ) The one where the updater was running & running forever & not getting any updates. But not bringing up the "no updates" message either. I guess they called that a hanging updater? I actually left the thing trying to update all night & it was still running when I woke up.
  6. Possible Windows 7 No Update Problem Again. I say possible, because I want to make sure before I go and look at the other Update problem thread here. As I said, this is now the 2nd time ( if there is a problem ) I've had this problem this year. I had it a few months back, & used something like Mr Fix It for Updates & it fixed the problem. But before I go look at the other thread about this subject here, I want to know for sure I have it again. I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit. And was wondering what is the latest/last update others have had to their computers? Mine is showing 8/17 as my last update, and I usually start worrying once it gets to a week or 10 days without one. Never mind 13 days now? So if anyone has a date, more recent then this, please leave a message here for me.
  7. Hello Guys 1st answer to what antivirus & firewall am I using is. I use Nortons Internet Security2011, plus I also have paid version of Malwarebytes. 2nd question. Yes I use Jdownloader occasionally. I use it when I have multiple downloads, so I can set it at bed time. And wake up & have all the downloads. I used it for a full year on this computer & never had a problem with it before. 3rd reply. I know I have too many stinkin' tool bars. I got lazy after "resetting my computer" & haven't removed them yet. I use multiple messengers because I have quite a few friends, that all use different ones. I'll have to look at Trillian. I also know yahoo uses more resources then MSN ( Live Messenger ) does. But I was using all of these things for a year, & had no problems with my computer. It was only on February 2nd, that I started having problems. I'm leaning more towards it being my internet provider is "throttling" me. I'm gonna take my computer back to Staples, where I have a 2 year extended warranty, & have them hook it to their internet connection. And try a download. And if it works downloading a larger file. Then I know its my internet company throttling me.
  8. download speed to washington DC is - 19.85 MBps upload speed to same - 2.10 MBps
  9. here is the link to my overdrive results. http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=24831388 -----------------------------------------------------
  10. which test do you want me to run? I dont see any test called Pit Test. They are all partly labeled PC Pitstop, lol.
  11. Hello again caintry_boy. Yes Im directly wired from my modem, to the back of the PC ( desktop ) with an ethernet cable. I undertand your suggestion, but how would that explain my connection working fine for a year. Then suddenly it doesn't? Let alone, how it still doesn't work after resetting the computer back to factory settings? If it originally worked for a year on factory settings, and something changed those settings. Shouldn't it have been corrected when setting it back to original factory settings? I can post results, and or the link to those results. From tests I did on other sites, if that would help with anything.
  12. Hello Caintry_boy, sorry I'm only getting back to you now. I'm on cable, Optimum Online basic. Here are the results of the test you recommended. Doesn't look good to me. Tracing route to pcpitstop.com ( Hop # Avg ms Loss % Graph Address 1 * 100 2 * 100 3 * 100 4 * 100 Unable to reach (pcpitstop.com)
  13. Hello to anyone out there, at this wonderful forum for helping people with computer & related problems. It's going to be kind of difficult & long, for me to try & explain what my problem is. And has been for over 1 month now. But I guess I'll start from the beginning, February 2nd, 2012. Like Im sure everyone else experiences every now & then,. I started having internet connection problems then. But mine wasn't the ordinary signal drops low because of ordinary drop off from signal strength. I would only lose connections when I was downloading, and in particular. When downloading a larger sized file.( like 100 MBs or larger. ) I called my internet provider about it, and they gave me a few "hardware" suggestions. In the past, I've had to replace splitters that went bad. So that was one thing they suggested I do. I also knew my modem was quite old. It was the original modem I got when I first signed up for broadband service with my company. So I went to their "store" & got myself 2 splitters, one for in the basement, and one for my room. And also a new modem. The modem came with a new cable that connects it to my computer too. So I replaced all of that hardware, hoping it would improve things. And it did, temporarily. So figuring it wasn't anything hardware related. I know called up my computer company, & after a short discussion about me explaining my problem to them. They suggested I reset/restore the computer back to its "factory settings". And once again, after doing this, for a short time. Everything worked fine. But the same problem came right back again. So now I was getting angry. I figured the only thing left that it could be, was that we still had the orginal cable line coming into the house. I made an appointment for them to come and replace that cable. They replaced the cable, and I still had the same problem. So now I know for sure it cant be a hardware problem, because everything is new. My computer is only 1 year old. Its a windows 7, originally made in 2010. I brought it in February of 2011. And had no problems with it until February of 2012. Its a Hewlett Pacard slimline, with a dual processor. Athlon ll 260. With 3GB DDR3 memory. I finally staretd to google my problem, to see if anyone else was having a similar problem with this system. And found out that in 2009, it seemed it was a system wide problem. That Microsoft eventually corrected. But why was I having it now then? Especially after it worked perfectly fine for a year. And even more puzzling, after having set it back to factory settings? Seems to me like that would be virtually impossible. Anyway, I tried a couple of the "fixes" that were suggested on those other forum threads. But none of them worked. I discussed the problem with my nephew, who told me it sounded like a "throttling" problem, being caused by my ISP. So again, I searched ;online & found a few sites you could test for such things. And ran their tests. This site was actually one of them. And with the results I got from all of those tests. It appears like the throttling idea also couldn't be the problem. My system passed with flying colors. So I also searched for tests that might show what was wrong with my system that could be causing the problem. Again, one of them was right here at this site ( I've used this site before, for other computer related problems. ) And those tests came up with varying results. But all showing things that were definetly wrong with my system. So I guess what I was wondering was, if I could post those results here. Is there anyone here who would more fully undersatnd my problem. And may be able to assist me thru correcting them? I had a basic idea of what was wrong with my system, and these tests pretty well confirmed my thoughts. IT seems I cant download for any extended period of time, ( like what you would need to download a large file ) Or at a set speed either. ( if I download at a slower speed, I dont get booted. At a faster speed, I do get booted. ) My network switches from network one, to network 2, which appears from the tests, to have no or extremely limited internet connectivity. Is this possible, considering for a full year, everything worked perfectly fine? Anxiously awaiting a reply & thank you for this forum so I could search for help. With this probelm that has been driving me nuts for the past month.
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