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  1. Thanks Y, Well, this is certainly a strange one. I followed your instructions to the letter and after restarting my PC right clicked on IE to "Run as administrator", opened IE, opened Overdrive and saw that I was still logged in so, I logged out, restarted Overdrive, and ran the test with the new ActiveX installed. Unfortunately, I'm still getting the "No Session in Progress" window where the final test results should be displayed. So, something else is preventing Pitstop from that last step. Please note however, over the past couple of days, running Overdrive when I had the opportunity "once in a while" the result would display normally. I'd say two out of ten times it displayed the result page normally. So, like I said, something else is going on. Unless you have any further suggestions, I'll do some more troubleshooting to see if I can find the source of the problem. Until then, thank you for your input Y.
  2. Thanks for your suggestion. I ran 3 tests: Test #1 (right click IE in All Programs - Run as Administrator) Result: successful completion with results displaying correctly. Test #2 (right click Desktop IE Icon - Run as Administrator) Result: FAILED (same as I first posted) Test #3 (right click IE in All Programs - Run as Administrator) Result: FAILED (same as I first posted) So the big question here is: why did it complete successfully in Test #1, but not the two tests that followed? Your thoughts?
  3. Dell Inspiron 570 Desktop Windows 7 Home Premium Internet Explorer 11 Pitstop OverDrive Hello, A couple days ago, after reinstalling Internet Explorer 11 and logging in to Pitstop to run a test, the test would NOT run at all. I enabled Scripting as suggested in Troubleshooting, as well as some other IE11/Tools/Internet Option settings and I was able to advance further into the test. Reading Pitstop's Troubleshooting instructions again, I found that by resetting (check mark) the Advanced Privacy Settings to "Override automatic cookie handling" the test would run and complete ok, but (today) would not display the test results once the test completed. Instead I get "No Session in Progress": Should be noted that yesterday, upon running the test the results DID display as it would normally, but today, this is the result. So, the test ran completely OK yesterday, but not today. Any help or suggestions appreciated! Thank you!
  4. Not that it has any impact on the subject at hand because all of our results using CleanUp! will differ...I just ran CleanUp! (I did use CCleaner yesterday however)....CleanUp! found 7.5MB (363 files) to be cleaned. (XP Home, 40GB HD (50% Free Space) Just an FYI....but virtually meaningless.
  5. Yeah, but the first time you run CleanUp! it will not be a "maintenance" cleanupas was the case with rgsmile since he had already run it the night before and will certainly find a large amount (MB) to be cleaned. You're right, I tried to go to the CleanUp! site and they have, as you've stated, exceeded their bandwidth for now so I could not supply an alternate link. I used CleanUp! for quite a while and then switched to....CCleaner finding it to be a more efficient and thorough system cleaner. Just a suggestion.
  6. Windows XP Home SP2 IE6/Firefox 1.0.3 Verizon DSL 1520/383 768 RAM ZoneAlarm Firewall XP Firewall disabled Ok, the solution to this will fix a recurring problem and on-going irritation that crops up after a couple of days of perfect performance browsing the Internet so, any help greatly appreciated. I DO NOT have any Spyware, Malware, Trojans, Viruses according to frequent and recent Spybot, Ad-Aware, HJT, MS Anti-Spyware, Spyware Guard/Blaster scans, NortonAV, including a recent Trend Micro HouseCall Beta scan. Problem: (After lots of surfing as usual today visiting various Websites) NOTE: using Firefox. Everything was fine, until..... >I opened a page (in a different Forum) and it looked like...this (note that the page does not display certain features that a "normal" page would: ads, Avatars, Smilies, etc. (it's only partially loaded and not resolved by "refreshing" the page). >Then, I click on a link to open a Website and the Tab appears but does not load (blank page). >At the same time, my Mail Notifier (Pop Peeper) shows errors that it cannot connect to the Server to download mail. The (temporary) Fix: A Reboot returns everything back to normal and pages and links will load normally. Any hint here as to what may be causing this malady? Thanks for any help, mrlessk
  7. Ok, try this.... Go here....Broadband Reports.com. Scroll to the Tweak Test link and follow it's suggested tweaks after it tests your connection. Good luck! mrlessk...
  8. Hey everyone, Thank you for the quick responses, great advice and comments. Looks like, so far so good with my SP2. Thanks again, 'preciate it. mrlessk
  9. Hi, Dell Dimension 4400 Intel Pentium 4, 1600 MHz 768 MB system RAM NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 IE6/Firefox 1.0 DSL 1320/383 800x600 resolution, 16 bits/pixel Windows XP 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Well, I held out for a long time because of so many users posting in various Forums about problems they had after their install of SP2. Had my SP2 disk I ordered from MS since last August. After NortonAV scan, Spybot, Ad-aware, SpywareBlaster/Guard on board and running PCPitstop, CCleaner, setting a new Restore Point, checked Windows Update (no Updates for me but, see below) etc. etc....I figured now was as good a time as any, so went ahead with the install. Install time: 27 minutes Free Space used for SP2: 2.5GB (seems like a lot?) Windows Update: (after the install had 5 Critical Updates and 2 Optional Updates which I downloaded and installed) NOTE: I'm not having ANY problems that I can detect so far. My post-SP2 Pitstop test looks ok.... http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=NVMUMWPKD8NS0H76 But, I have a couple of questions: 1) after the SP2 install I noticed that my Windows Media Player 10 Desktop Shortcut Icon had disappeared. Is this normal after the SP2 install? 2) My 800x600 resolution, 16 bits/pixel which is AFTER the SP2 install WAS 800x600 resolution, 32 bits/pixel BEFORE (SP1) I installed SP2. Any reason it went from 32 bits to 16 bits? 3) Is it normal after installing SP2 and going to Windows Update to find 5 Critical and 2 Optional Updates to install? 4) My PC Pitstop Test History was erased and started anew with the test link posted above. Just curious, no harm no foul. I would appreciate any comments? Thank you, mrlessk
  10. Thank you for your reply Inprofile, Yep, as I have come to find out. I've simply not kept up with new developments or other options.I was not aware of the Commandline version but I'll read through your supplied link and check it out. I DID just now resolve the issue with the missing SETI logo. In fact I was posting in the [email protected] Help Desk Forum when I received the email notification of your reply. If interested, you can check out my posting with resolvement in that Forum.....here Thanks again, mrlessk (aka Telstar)
  11. (hmm....only one meaningless reply out of 47 views? ) Let me rephrase my question.... How can I reload my SETI screen-saver without affecting my User Info and Data Units in hopes that the updated/refreshed version will contain the missing logo? Also, I should mention I had loaded the BOINC program but when I saw that my computer CPU Usage was running at a constant 100% I then removed it. I'm not sure if this is where I lost the logo. Also, some vitals.... Windows XP Home IE6/Firefox 1.0 SP1 mrlessk
  12. Hi, I've noticed that something about my [email protected] screen-saver has changed. I checked an old screen-shot I had saved and see that the logo part of the heading on top is now missing. Question is, where did this logo go?.... Any ideas? Thanks for any help. mrlessk Notice that the SETI logo upper left is present in this older shot.... But is missing in this recent shot saved today....
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