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  1. Thanks Y, Well, this is certainly a strange one. I followed your instructions to the letter and after restarting my PC right clicked on IE to "Run as administrator", opened IE, opened Overdrive and saw that I was still logged in so, I logged out, restarted Overdrive, and ran the test with the new ActiveX installed. Unfortunately, I'm still getting the "No Session in Progress" window where the final test results should be displayed. So, something else is preventing Pitstop from that last step. Please note however, over the past couple of days, running Overdrive wh
  2. Thanks for your suggestion. I ran 3 tests: Test #1 (right click IE in All Programs - Run as Administrator) Result: successful completion with results displaying correctly. Test #2 (right click Desktop IE Icon - Run as Administrator) Result: FAILED (same as I first posted) Test #3 (right click IE in All Programs - Run as Administrator) Result: FAILED (same as I first posted) So the big question here is: why did it complete successfully in Test #1, but not the two tests that followed? Your thoughts?
  3. Dell Inspiron 570 Desktop Windows 7 Home Premium Internet Explorer 11 Pitstop OverDrive Hello, A couple days ago, after reinstalling Internet Explorer 11 and logging in to Pitstop to run a test, the test would NOT run at all. I enabled Scripting as suggested in Troubleshooting, as well as some other IE11/Tools/Internet Option settings and I was able to advance further into the test. Reading Pitstop's Troubleshooting instructions again, I found that by resetting (check mark) the Advanced Privacy Settings to "Override automatic cookie handling" the test would run
  4. I just ran my first test after my posts above and all went well and the test completed and results displayed without a hitch. Of course, time will tell if the fix is permanent, but for now all seems to be back to normal. Thanks!
  5. Win7 Home Premium I'm glad I decided to check in here and found that it's "not me". For the past week or so I've been getting the No Session In Progress right at the point following the test scan where I would have received the test results. I followed all the instructions regarding cookies, ZoneAlarm (which is my Firewall), etc. Occasionally the test would complete with no problem, but just a few minutes ago, after starting my computer for the day and running Overdrive, I received the same No Session in Progress, after which I fortuitously came here and can see that perhaps it's no
  6. WOW! ?? I'm a bit puzzled OneCool... "WOW" can be an exclamation of surprise, repugnance, or admiration and quite frankly, I'm not sure to which category your "WOW" belongs. You left me nothing to learn from or build upon. ...care to elaborate?
  7. One additional thing worth mentioning... As previously determined, in order to view the results of the OverDrive scan without receiving that Upload error it was necessary to temporarily disable my ZoneAlarm. I was concerned about being "unprotected" without a Firewall even for that short duration so I had the thought this morning as I ran the scan if the Windows Firewall activated or "took over" at the time I disabled the ZA Firewall? The answer is YES... In ZA, with a checkmark in the box next to Firewall>Main>Advanced>Disable Windows Firewall , once I deactivated the ZA
  8. For the sake of closure and the benefit of anyone else having this issue... I've determined the problem apparently evolves around my ZoneAlarm Free version running on my Win7 computer and causing the Upload Error. When I scan using OverDrive with ZA activated I get the error. When I disable ZA and run a second test, the Upload completes and the test results are presented.
  9. Thanks Tom, yes I could see that catch when I had the case open and found the location of the battery, I just wasn't able to easily remove it at that time. I shouldn't have any problem replacing the battery once I get the replacement Seagate Hard Drive back and get to that point of the installation. I was still curious about that "clicking" noise I heard from the drives and during some researching today came across this article which has an audio sample (Audio: Listen to a noisy Western Digital hard disk with severe initialization problems) which is exactly the sound I've been hearing when
  10. UPDATE Before proceeding with what I've just completed below, I again opened the case, checked all the connections, especially to the HD and also took notice of the CMOS Battery location (Battery: MAXELL CR2032 3V). After closing the case and connecting the monitor, I started up the Dim4400 to see if I could use the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS (CD) that I created and, after clicking F12 once the blue Dell Logo appeared I got to the "Please Select Boot Device" window and had two choices to highlight: 1) Removable Dev 2) ATAPI CD-Rom I chose and highlighted ATAPI CD-Rom and
  11. Tom, I was updating Post #16 about the same time you were posting this. I was asking for help on this: No, unfortunately, I don't have access to another computer where I can test the WD drive so I'm going on the presumption the drive is bad, unless proven otherwise. Same thing with the IDE cable, it's the same one that originally came with the computer. Gene
  12. Yes, I returned the 80GB Seagate Barracuda with an RMA number back to Seagate yesterday and will be waiting for their replacement in a couple of weeks. The Dimension 4400 now has the original 40GB WD HD, and which I've been using for the recent troubleshooting (please refer to Post #9 of this thread). I appreciate all the feedback which certainly suggests a variety of reasons my Dimension 4400 fails to boot or recognize the WD 40GB Hard Drive that is in there now: POWER SUPPLY MOTHER BOARD CONNECTIONS BATTERY FOR BIOS BAD CAPACITORS and of course THE HARD DRIVE ITSELF It will
  13. I'd be interested in giving this a try BUT, a "bootable floppy"? I'd be using my new Dell Inspiron PC to download this file BUT, the floppy disk technology is so antiquated the new systems don't even come anymore with a Floppy Disk drive (my troubled Dimension 4400 has one but not my Inspiron PC). So, can I use a CD for this? If so I can proceed but I have to admit I'm a bit hazy when it comes to utilizing DOS and BIOS and could use some dumbed-down instructions on how to proceed once I download the file onto a CD and insert the CD into my Dimension 4400. Also, this test would have
  14. Well, over the years it's been my experience in times when I've contacted Dell Support that I've received thorough and satisfactory service from them with my issue being resolved...but, that's just me. Good suggestion but unfortunately I've already returned the drive back to Seagate (delivery there estimated at March 2). Since the Dim4400 cannot access the Hard Drive, hence I can't use a browser, I'm unable to avail myself of these services. Yes, this bothers me to no end and I can only hope it's not the case and the "new" replacement drive will be the cure-all. Unfortu
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