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  1. It's def a cool phone and android is getting better and better. The 256mb app storage limit android is restricted to is a huge negative to me tho. The lack of multi-touch (euro version gets multitouch) is pretty lame too. 1ghz dual core cpu and 512mb ram is awesome tho.
  2. Wasn't referring to your comment as bashing -- just the norm when someone brings up mac, particularly on more pc oriented forums. I've read before that it's not difficult to get mythtv running on mac os so maybe I'll tackle that one of these days. Or if I really do get into it one of these days maybe a "normal" linux distro is in the minis future. -- Seriously, though? nobody else?
  3. Do you seriously believe he went to the back and damaged your phone?! I suppose it's a possibility but a little far-fetched. It doesn't hurt him any to swap out your phone for a refurb. It doesn't take much to turn those stickers pink. Sweat, if you use the phone while jogging; or even having the phone in the bathroom while you shower and use it to listen could cause enough condensation to turn it pink. This is the way it is with any phone though -- a manufacturer is not about to take a phone back that has water damage. You can always get the battery replaced regardless of water damage. No, it's not going to be free like it would under warranty but you can get it done, or you can do it yourself even. Alternatively, you can get something like the mophie juicepack (a case with an extended battery in it.) -- at&t put out a press release a little while ago in response to these verizon ads: http://www.att.com/gen/press-room?pid=14002 I've had at&t since '04 . Not perfect, but not bad enough that I've considered switching to another provider. None of them are perfect. Verizon is pushing the Droid hard because it's about their only decent smartphone. It's not about to overtake the iphone though.
  4. It's very basic setup. Certainly nothing as extensive as yours which is awesome btw, but the mini does exactly what i need it to do and it's footprint is minimal so it tucks away out of sight nicely.. OS is Snow Leopard (10.6). For watching movies I usually just use frontrow or quicktime. For TV stuff I just use the EyeTV software that came with the pinnacle tuner. Bought the mini last year for about $200. Upgraded RAM and HDD and it does the job flawlessly. It's about the cheapest part of the setup. The screen cost more. haha -- I expected a lot more setups too (and more mac bashing).
  5. I have a mac mini running os 10.6 w/ a Pinnacle usb tv tuner. Internal 250gb hdd, but most everything is stored on 2x1tb network drives accessible from any computer over afp. It's not really used for watching tv tho, mainly just movies. Plugged into a projector and surround sound setup.
  6. Sounds to me like you don't need a full-out server. Just network storage. Look into NAS.
  7. Wireless does not cut your speed in half. Unless I s'pose you're barely within range of your router. -- @TX, wth connection do you have? -- I'm surprised there aren't a lot more faster connections. Home (Comcast): Mobile 4G (Clearwire):
  8. Hopefully they 'up' the upload speed too! That would kill me. The download is nice though. Blows mine away. Any new competition in the area? Clear/clearwire, FiOS, etc?
  9. If it's an automated system, why not just call now? The earlier the better I'd assume.
  10. I'm sure it was just a fluke. I just found it amusing. I booted back into it a few minutes ago and it seems fine now. It's pretty snappy for allowing it to have have a a gig of ram and only use a single core (compared to vista). My audio doesn't work either. I'll stick with Leopard. Time for a faster connection? I had mine in 20 minutes.
  11. Haha, i installed Win 7 RC1 in a virtual machine (parallels). About 10 minutes into tinkering and just looking around i decided to change the wallpaper and got the BSOD. Nice. I know running it in a virtual machine isn't going to be as stable as the os could be, but I've never gotten the BSOD from xp or vista in parallels.
  12. Regardless of who wrote it, all good points imo.
  13. PC Pitstop is a moderately sized forum with enough members to keep the content interesting and above-all-else, helpful. There are considerably larger (and smaller) forums online, but what difference does it make to the average member?
  14. You have four external ip addresses? I clicked.
  15. A manufacturers warranty won't cover a broken screen. A warranty would only cover manufacturing defects to the device. The $50 replacement is generally only if you have "insurance" on the phone. AT&T charges and add'l monthly fee for this. I'm doubting they'll replace the phone for the same reason a warranty won't.
  16. It's certainly doable. Will be tedious tho. Be sure to have some *very* small screwdrivers.
  17. C'mon! It's sounding like you're going to go forward with this regardless of what you've been told here. The bank will check it. The scammer is hoping it'll be passed off as legitimate for just long enough for you to get the money out. The bank inevitably will find that it's fake and you're going to be the one they come after to collect the money you stole from them (the bank). It doesn't matter what's in the box! This is *obviously* a scam. No question. Don't even accept the package. Even if it were to be full of laptops they're either garbage, hot or both. Then you're accepting stolen goods.
  18. It doesn't matter. Fact is, you're passing a bad check. be it fake or stolen, it doesn't matter. Also, from what I understand places like wal-mart won't cash a non-employer or government issued check. You're going to need to go to a bank and either open an account or give them enough information that they can track you down with.
  19. The bank may cash the check if it looks legit. Once they realize that it's not guess who they're coming after... You. Then you're out a lot of money. Seriously, who would send you a bunch of money then have you send it back. Anyone in the right mind, even if it was pre-written would cash it themselves and get one in the correct amount. If you've sold something or offered a service on craigslist before you've most probably gotten one of these emails. I haven't read your other thread, so I don't know if you have or not. These people aren't entirely stupid. They do this all day long.
  20. Reject it. They'll send you just about anything if they think you're going to send them back $3,500 in the mail.
  21. scam. If you get that money order in the mail don't even think about cashing it. Rather, don't accept it and have it sent back to sender. Do the same with the UPS package (I doubt there is one). Make sure those links he's sending you in the email are going to the real sites he's linking you too. Try going directly to ups.com and putting in that tracking number.
  22. Make it easy on yourself and save yourself the hassle of dealing with this extra box. Take the TV back and get one with the inputs you need. Spend a little more if you need to since you're just going to be spending it on the switch otherwise.
  23. I vote they get a mac. :flamesuit on:
  24. iPhone is built from the same base architecture (Darwin) as Mac OS, yes. They're two difference things though. To Call the iPhone OS a desktop operating system is quite an oversight. The iPhone is not a desktop operating system and it doesn't claim to be. Re copy and paste, Come June iPhone gets copy and paste. I know, should of had it in the first place and I'll agree with you on that. What's important is that it's coming. There's a reason the iPhone is selling as well as it is. I don't mean to hijack your thread. My intentions aren't for the discussion to get heated--I'm not. The iPhone isn't perfect. Nor is any other phone on the market. The iPhone is the absolute best phone I've ever had though and I've had my share of smart phones running windows mobile, palm os, and blackberry. All of which were clunky and un-intuitive. While, at this point they may have some features that the iPhone doesn't (not many) it's only a matter of time 'till apple catches up and shows everyone how it should have been done. iPhone OS 3.0 really looks to be the ticket. The camera on the phone isn't so bad.It's certainly no replacement for your digital camera, but what phone is(?). Lots of photos here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/takenwithiphone/pool/ If you decide to get the iPhone, don't forget to look up this thread in a couple months and share your praise
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